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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 545
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Gonzales v. Raich03-1454545 U.S. 120052004-11-292005-06-06 Antitrust,Article I,Commerce Clause,abuse of discretion,endangered species
2Alaska v. United States128-Orig-2005545 U.S. 7520052005-01-102005-06-06 Commerce Clause,Interstate Commerce Clause,Submerged Lands Act
3Spector v. Norwegian Cruise Line Ltd.03-1388545 U.S. 11920052005-02-282005-06-06 ADA,Americans with Disabilities Act,Civil Rights Act,Civil Rights Act of 1964,Commerce Clause,NLRA,National Labor Relations Act,OSHA,Sherman Act,Title VII,antitrust,patent,racial discrimination
4Johnson v. California04-6964545 U.S. 16220052005-04-182005-06-13 Equal Protection Clause,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Title VII,habeas,jury selection,murder
5Bradshaw v. Stumpf04-637545 U.S. 17520052005-04-192005-06-13 Bill of Rights,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder
6Merck KGaA v. Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd.03-1237545 U.S. 19320052005-04-202005-06-13 patent,preliminary injunction
7Wilkinson v. Austin04-495545 U.S. 20920052005-03-302005-06-13 Due Process,EPA,Eighth Amendment,murder
8Miller-El v. Dretke03-9659545 U.S. 23120052004-12-062005-06-13 Civil Rights Act,EPA,Title VII,Voir Dire,disparate impact,disparate treatment,habeas,habeas corpus,jury selection,murder,patent,racial discrimination
9Grable & Sons Metal Products v. Darue Engineering04-603545 U.S. 30820052005-04-182005-06-13 Article I,Supremacy Clause,judicial review,preemption,res judicata
10San Remo Hotel v. San Francisco04-340545 U.S. 32320052005-03-282005-06-20 Article I,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Full Faith and Credit,Takings Clause,habeas,preliminary injunction,property rights,res judicata
11Dodd v. United States04-5286545 U.S. 35320052005-03-222005-06-20 Eighth Amendment,habeas,harmless error,retaliation
12Rompilla v. Beard04-5462545 U.S. 37420052005-01-182005-06-20 EPA,Sixth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder
13Graham County Water District v. United States04-169545 U.S. 40920052005-04-202005-06-20 9 U.S.C. 1,ERISA,False Claims Act,Natural Resources,res judicata,retaliation
14American Trucking Assns., Inc. v. Michigan Pub. Serv. Comm'n03-1230545 U.S. 42920052005-04-262005-06-20 9 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Motor Carrier Act,disparate impact,disparate treatment,preemption
15Mid-Con Freight Systems, Inc. v. Michigan Pub. Serv. Comm'n03-1234545 U.S. 44020052005-04-262005-06-20 9 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Motor Carrier Act,disparate impact,disparate treatment,preemption
16Kelo v. City of New London04-108545 U.S. 46920052005-02-222005-06-23 Article I,Bill of Rights,Due Process,EPA,Fifth Amendment,Takings Clause,judicial review,murder,property rights
17Gonzalez v. Crosby04-6432545 U.S. 52420052005-04-252005-06-23 EPA,abuse of discretion,habeas,habeas corpus,probable cause
18Exxon Corp v. Allapattah Services04-70545 U.S. 54620052005-03-012005-06-23 Article I,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,res judicata
19Orff v. United States03-1566545 U.S. 59620052005-02-232005-06-23 Administrative Procedure,Federal Tort Claims,Natural Resources,Takings Clause,equitable relief,immunity from suit,property rights,sovereign immunity,threatened species
20Halbert v. Michigan03-10198545 U.S. 60520052005-04-252005-06-23 Fourteenth Amendment,disparate impact,habeas,habeas corpus,ineffective assistance of counsel,sentencing guidelines
21Mayle v. Felix04-563545 U.S. 64420052005-04-192005-06-23 Civil Procedure,Confrontation Clause,Fifth Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Miranda,Sixth Amendment,Title VII,court appointed counsel,habeas,habeas corpus,harmless-error,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder,res judicata,retaliation,self-incrimination
22Van Orden v. Perry03-1500545 U.S. 67720052005-03-022005-06-27 Bill of Rights,Confrontation Clause,Defamation,Establishment Clause,First Amendment,Free Exercise,murder,patent,public schools,separation of church and state
23Castle Rock v. Gonzales04-278545 U.S. 74820052005-03-212005-06-27 Civil Rights Act,Federal Tort Claims,Fourteenth Amendment,Medicaid,absolute immunity,judicial review,murder,probable cause,property rights,public education,public schools
24Bell v. Thompson04-514545 U.S. 79420052005-04-262005-06-27 Appellate Procedure,abuse of discretion,habeas,habeas corpus,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder
25McCreary County v. ACLU03-1693545 U.S. 84420052005-03-022005-06-27 Article I,Bill of Rights,Defamation,Establishment Clause,Fourteenth Amendment,murder,patent,preliminary injunction,public schools
26MGM Studios v. Grokster04-480545 U.S. 91320052005-03-292005-06-27 copyright,equitable relief,patent,stare decisis
27National Cable and Telecomm. Assn v. Brand X Internet Services04-277545 U.S. 96720052005-03-292005-06-27 Article I,Indians,Natural Resources,judicial review,stare decisis

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