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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 475
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Pacific Gas & Elec. Co. v. Public Util. Comm'n84-1044475 U.S. 119861985-10-081986-02-25 First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,copyright,corporate speech,privacy,property rights
2Renton v. Playtime Theatres Inc.84-1360475 U.S. 4119861985-11-121986-02-25 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,patent,preliminary injunction
3United States v. Mechanik84-1640475 U.S. 6619861985-12-021986-02-25 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,harmless error,harmless-error,probable cause,racial discrimination
4United States v. Maine35 ORIG475 U.S. 8919861985-12-121986-02-25 Maritime Jurisdiction
5New York v. Class84-1181475 U.S. 10619861985-11-041986-02-25 Fourth Amendment,patent,privacy,probable cause,search and seizure,searches and seizures,warrantless search
6United States v. Koecher84-1922475 U.S. 13319861986-01-151986-02-25
7Texas v. Mccullough84-1198475 U.S. 13419861985-12-101986-02-19 Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,murder
8Nix v. Whiteside84-1321475 U.S. 15719861985-11-051986-02-19
9NLRB v. Financial Institution Employees84-1493475 U.S. 19219861985-12-041986-02-19 9 U.S.C. 1,Collective Bargaining,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act,NLRA
10Connolly v. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.84-1555475 U.S. 21119861985-12-021986-02-19 Fifth Amendment,9 U.S.C. 1,Article I,Collective Bargaining,Contract Clause,defined benefit plan,defined contribution plan,Due Process,Employee Retirement Income Security Act,ERISA,Labor Management Relations Act,Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments Act of 1980,pension plan,property rights,separation of powers,termination of pension plan,Unions
11Morris v. Mathews84-1636475 U.S. 23719861985-11-041986-02-19 Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Double Jeopardy,Due Process,Federal Rules of Evidence,habeas,habeas corpus,harmless error,ineffective assistance of counsel,murder
12Fisher v. Berkeley84-1538475 U.S. 26019861985-11-121986-02-19 Fourteenth Amendment,Commerce Clause,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,resale price maintenance,rule of reason,Sherman Act
13Wisconsin Dept. Of Industry v. Gould Inc.84-1484475 U.S. 28219861985-12-091986-02-19 Eleventh Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,9 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Due Process,EPA,Equal Protection Clause,judicial review,National Labor Relations Act,NLRA
14Teachers v. Hudson84-1503475 U.S. 29219861985-12-021986-02-19 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Arbitration,Constitutional Law,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,judicial review,public sector unions
15Whitley v. Albers84-1077475 U.S. 31219861985-12-101986-03-04
16Malley v. Briggs84-1586475 U.S. 33519861985-11-131986-03-05 Fourth Amendment,Eleventh Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,absolute immunity,Civil Rights Act,probable cause,qualified immunity,search and seizure,separation of powers
17Exxon Corp. v. Hunt84-978475 U.S. 35519861985-12-091986-03-19 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980,Environmental Protection Agency,preemption,Supremacy Clause
18United States v. Inadi84-1580475 U.S. 38719861985-12-031986-03-19 Amendment 1,Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Amendment 10,Compulsory Process Clause,Confrontation Clause,Federal Rules of Evidence
19Moran v. Burbine84-1485475 U.S. 41219861985-11-131986-03-19 Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,criminal procedure,Due Process,EPA,habeas,habeas corpus,Miranda,murder,privacy,probable cause
20Pembaur v. Cincinnati84-1160475 U.S. 46919861985-12-021986-03-25 First Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Civil Rights Act,Miranda,privacy,probable cause,qualified immunity,Section 1983,warrantless search
21Goldman v. Weinberger84-1097475 U.S. 50319861986-01-141986-03-25
22Bender v. Williamsport Area School Dist.84-773475 U.S. 53419861985-10-151986-03-25 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Civil Procedure,Defamation,Establishment Clause,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Free Exercise,public schools
23Paulussen v. Herion85-88475 U.S. 55719861986-03-051986-03-25 Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause
24Holbrook v. Flynn84-1606475 U.S. 56019861986-01-141986-03-25 Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,habeas,habeas corpus,jury selection
25Matsushita Elec. Industrial Co. v. Zenith Radio83-2004475 U.S. 57419861985-11-121986-03-25 Antitrust,Civil Procedure,resale price maintenance,Robinson-Patman Act,Sherman Act
26Golden State Transit Corp. v. Los Angeles84-1644475 U.S. 60819861985-12-041986-04-01 9 U.S.C. 1,Antitrust,conditions of employment,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act,NLRA,preliminary injunction,terms and conditions of employment
27Michigan v. Jackson84-1531475 U.S. 62519861985-12-091986-04-01 Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Miranda,murder
28At&T Technologies v. Communications Workers84-1913475 U.S. 64319861986-01-221986-04-07 9 U.S.C. 1,Arbitration,Labor Management Relations Act
29United States v. City of Fulton84-1725475 U.S. 65719861986-01-211986-04-07 9 U.S.C. 1,Natural Resources
30Delaware v. Van Arsdall84-1279475 U.S. 67319861986-01-221986-04-07 Sixth Amendment,Eleventh Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Confrontation Clause,Constitutional Law,criminal procedure,Due Process,harmless error,harmless-error,ineffective assistance of counsel,judicial review,Miranda,murder
31Icicle Seafoods, Inc. v. Worthington85-195475 U.S. 70919861986-02-251986-04-19 Civil Procedure,Fair Labor Standards Act,FLSA,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Motor Carrier Act
32Evans v. Jeff D.84-1288475 U.S. 71719861985-11-131986-04-19 attorney fees,Civil Procedure,Civil Rights Act,Civil Rights Act of 1964,Fair Labor Standards Act,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Freedom of Information Act,Internal Revenue Code,racial discrimination,sovereign immunity,Title VII,Truth in Lending
33Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. v. Hepps84-1491475 U.S. 76719861985-12-031986-04-19 First Amendment,Tenth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Defamation,patent
34United States v. Quinn84-1717475 U.S. 79119861986-03-051986-04-19 Fourth Amendment,Immigration and Naturalization,privacy,property rights,searches and seizures
35City of Los Angeles v. Heller85-531475 U.S. 79619860000-00-001986-04-21 Civil Procedure,EPA,Jury Instructions,probable cause,qualified immunity
36Dennison Mfg. Co. v. Panduit Corp.85-1150475 U.S. 80919860000-00-001986-04-21 Civil Procedure,patent
37Aetna Life Insurance Co. v. Lavoie84-1601475 U.S. 81319861985-12-041986-04-22 Eighth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause
38United States v. American College of Physicians84-1737475 U.S. 83419861986-01-211986-04-22 Internal Revenue Code
39Sorenson v. Secretary Of Treasury84-1686475 U.S. 85119861986-01-151986-04-22 Aid to Families with Dependent Children,Internal Revenue Code,Social Security Act
40New York v. P. J. Video, Inc.85-363475 U.S. 86819861986-03-041986-04-22 First Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Obscenity,patent,probable cause
41TEXAS v. NEW MEXICO65-Orig-1986475 U.S. 100419860000-00-001986-02-24
42MELLON BANK, N. A. v. UNITED STATES475 U.S. 103219860000-00-000000-00-00 Internal Revenue Code
43AMREP CORP. v. F.T.C.475 U.S. 103419860000-00-000000-00-00
44SCHIRO v. INDIANA475 U.S. 103619860000-00-000000-00-00 Eighth Amendment,murder
45WATERS v. KEMP475 U.S. 103919860000-00-000000-00-00 Fourteenth Amendment
46MISSOURI FARMERS ASSOCIATION, INC. v. UNITED STATE475 U.S. 105319860000-00-000000-00-00
47LANE v. REED475 U.S. 105419860000-00-000000-00-00
48RIVER ROAD ALLIANCE, INC. v. CORPS OF ENGINEERS OF475 U.S. 105519860000-00-000000-00-00 abuse of discretion,EPA
49PETTY MOTOR COMPANY v. UNITED STATES475 U.S. 105619860000-00-000000-00-00
50FLEMING v. KEMP475 U.S. 105819860000-00-000000-00-00 Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,murder,probable cause
51KEMP v. POTTS475 U.S. 106819860000-00-000000-00-00 habeas,habeas corpus,murder
52HARICH v. WAINWRIGHT84-1865475 U.S. 107419860000-00-000000-00-00
53JONES v. SMITH84-1865475 U.S. 107619860000-00-000000-00-00 Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,probable cause
54GRAY v. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT475 U.S. 108919860000-00-000000-00-00 Administrative Procedure,Civil Service Reform Act,judicial review
55WATKINS v. VIRGINIA475 U.S. 109919860000-00-000000-00-00 Fifth Amendment,Miranda,murder
56SCHOOL BD. OF NASSAU COUNTY, FLA. v. ARLINE475 U.S. 111819860000-00-000000-00-00
57WILSEY v. EDDINGFIELD475 U.S. 113019860000-00-000000-00-00
58CLARK v. FLORIDA475 U.S. 113419860000-00-000000-00-00 First Amendment,Appellate Procedure,patent,untimely filing
59MAINE v. THIBODEAU475 U.S. 114419860000-00-000000-00-00 Miranda,murder,probable cause
60LITTLE v. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, CRESTWOOD475 U.S. 114819860000-00-000000-00-00 First Amendment
61California v. BrownA-699475 U.S. 130119860000-00-001986-03-27 Eighth Amendment,Jury Instructions,murder

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