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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 439
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Long Island R.R. Co. v. Aberdeen & Rockfish R. Co.77-1515439 U.S. 119780000-00-001978-10-16
2Carey v. Wynn439 U.S. 819780000-00-001978-10-16Abortion
3NLRB v. Baylor Univ. Med. Ctr.439 U.S. 919780000-00-001978-10-309 U.S.C. 1,judicial review,National Labor Relations Act
4Presnell v. Georgia77-6885439 U.S. 1419780000-00-001978-11-06Fourteenth Amendment,murder
5Board of Trustees, Keene State Coll. v. Sweeney77-1792439 U.S. 2419780000-00-001978-11-13sex discrimination,Title VII
6United States v. California5439 U.S. 3019470000-00-000000-00-00Submerged Lands Act
7Dougherty County Bd. of Educ. v. White77-120439 U.S. 3219781978-10-021978-11-28 Fourteenth Amendment,Fifteenth Amendment,racial discrimination,Voting Rights Act of 1965
8Holt Civic Club v. City of Tuscaloosa77-515439 U.S. 6019781978-10-111978-11-28 Fourteenth Amendment,Civil Procedure,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
9Union Pacific R. Co. v. Sheehan78-344439 U.S. 8919780000-00-001978-12-04judicial review
10New Motor Vehicle Bd. v. Orrin W. Fox Co.77-837439 U.S. 9619781978-10-031978-12-05 Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,preliminary injunction,resale price maintenance,Sherman Act
11Rakas v. Illinois77-5781439 U.S. 12819781978-10-031978-12-05 Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,patent,privacy,probable cause,property rights,search and seizure,searches and seizures,warrantless search
12Califano v. Aznavorian77-991439 U.S. 17019781978-11-061978-12-11 First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Due Process,judicial review,Social Security Act,sovereign immunity,Supplemental Security Income
13United California Bank v. United States77-1016439 U.S. 18019781978-10-041978-12-11 Internal Revenue Code
14Corbitt v. New Jersey77-5903439 U.S. 21219781978-10-031978-12-11 Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,criminal procedure,murder,patent
15Board of Governors of FRS v. First Lincolnwood77-832439 U.S. 23419781978-10-111978-12-11 Internal Revenue Code
16Lalli v. Lalli77-1115439 U.S. 25919781978-10-041978-12-11 Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,judicial review
17MASSACHUSETTS v. WHITE77-1388439 U.S. 28019781978-11-281978-12-11
18HUNTER v. DEAN77-6248439 U.S. 28119781978-10-111978-12-11
19Michigan v. Doran77-1202439 U.S. 28219781978-10-041978-12-18 Fourth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Commerce Clause,criminal procedure,Extradition,Full Faith and Credit,Full Faith and Credit Clause,habeas,habeas corpus,privacy,probable cause
20Marquette Nat. Bank v. First of Omaha Svc. Corp.77-1258439 U.S. 29919781978-10-311978-12-18
21Mobay Chem. Corp. v. Costle78-308439 U.S. 32019790000-00-001979-01-08Fifth Amendment,EPA
22Parklane Hosiery Co., Inc. v. Shore77-1305439 U.S. 32219791978-10-301979-01-19 Sixth Amendment,Seventh Amendment,Article I,Bill of Rights,Civil Procedure,Collateral Estoppel,Estoppel,Freedom of Speech,jury selection,Jury Trial,patent,res judicata,separation of powers,Trial by Jury
23Duren v. Missouri77-6067439 U.S. 35719791978-11-011979-01-19 Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,jury selection,murder
24Colautti v. Franklin77-891439 U.S. 37919791978-10-031979-01-19 Fourteenth Amendment,Abortion,Equal Protection Clause,murder,preliminary injunction,privacy,Social Security Act
25Givhan v. Western Line Cons. Sch. Dist.77-1051439 U.S. 41019791978-11-071979-01-04 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment
26Arizona v. California8439 U.S. 41919630000-00-001963-06-03ADA,Article I
27Leis v. Flynt77-1618439 U.S. 43819790000-00-001979-01-15 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,abuse of discretion,Bill of Rights,Due Process,Miranda,Obscenity,property rights,Sherman Act
28Harlin v. Missouri77-6062439 U.S. 45919790000-00-001979-01-15
29Lee v. Missouri77-6066, 439 U.S. 46119790000-00-001979-01-15
30Washington v. Yakima Indian Nation77-388439 U.S. 46319791978-10-021979-01-19 Fourteenth Amendment,Civil Rights Act,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,Indian Reorganization Act,Indians,Miranda,patent,stare decisis,State Jurisdiction Over
31FERC v. Pennzoil Producing Co.77-648439 U.S. 50819791978-11-281979-01-19
32Thor Power Tool v. Commissioner77-920439 U.S. 52219791978-11-011979-01-19 Internal Revenue Code
33Teamsters v. Daniel77-754439 U.S. 55119791978-10-311979-01-19 9 U.S.C. 1,Employee Retirement Income Security Act,ERISA,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act,pension plan,Securities Act of 1933,Securities Law
34Hisquierdo v. Hisquierdo77-533439 U.S. 57219791978-11-011979-01-22 Fifth Amendment,9 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Employee Retirement Income Security Act,ERISA,Interstate Commerce Clause,patent,pension plan,preemption,property rights,Social Security Act,sovereign immunity,Supremacy Clause
35NEW YORK TIMES CO. v. NEW JERSEY439 U.S. 88619780000-00-000000-00-00First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment
36MELLON BANK, N. A., v. SOUTHLAND MOBILE HOMES OF S439 U.S. 90019780000-00-000000-00-00immunity from suit
37SMITH v. COLLIN439 U.S. 91619780000-00-000000-00-00First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process
38MCKETHAN v. U.S439 U.S. 93619780000-00-000000-00-00Sixth Amendment,Confrontation Clause,Federal Rules of Evidence
39Singleton v. Commissioner439 U.S. 94019780000-00-001978-10-30
40CITY OF BOSTON v. ANDERSON439 U.S. 95119780000-00-000000-00-00First Amendment
41HARRIS v. OKLAHOMAH-78-322439 U.S. 97019780000-00-000000-00-00Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Double Jeopardy,murder
42DOROTHY BERG v. IDA BERGER.439 U.S. 99219780000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process
43HUCH v. U.S78-222439 U.S. 100719780000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,racial discrimination
44BROWN TRANSPORT CORP. v. ATCON, INC439 U.S. 101419780000-00-000000-00-00Confrontation Clause,Double Jeopardy,Due Process,Federal Rules of Evidence,Motor Carrier Act,Occupational Safety and Health Act,patent,resale price maintenance
45LEE HY PAVING CORP. v. O'CONNOR439 U.S. 103419780000-00-000000-00-00Due Process
46HOLLENBAUGH v. CARNEGIE FREE LIBRARY439 U.S. 105219780000-00-000000-00-00Equal Protection Clause,privacy
47ACF INDUSTRIES, INC., CARTER CARBURETOR DIV. v. E.439 U.S. 108119790000-00-000000-00-00abuse of discretion,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
48CARMONA v. WARD439 U.S. 109119790000-00-000000-00-00Eighth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause,habeas,habeas corpus,murder
49REZIN v. WOLFF439 U.S. 110319790000-00-000000-00-00habeas,habeas corpus
50SYMM v. U.S439 U.S. 110519790000-00-000000-00-00
51REPRODUCTIVE SERVICES, INC. v. WALKER439 U.S. 113319790000-00-000000-00-00
52New York Times Co. v. JascalevichA-38439 U.S. 130119780000-00-001978-07-11First Amendment,murder
53New York Times Co. v. JascalevichA-38439 U.S. 130419780000-00-001978-07-12
54Reproductive Svcs., Inc. v. Walker439 U.S. 130719780000-00-001978-07-17Consumer Protection,privacy
55Fare v. Michael C.A-33439 U.S. 131019780000-00-001978-07-28Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Double Jeopardy,habeas,Miranda,murder
56New York Times Co. v. JascalevichA-111439 U.S. 131719780000-00-001978-08-01First Amendment,Miranda,murder
57Truong Dinh Hung v. United StatesA-73439 U.S. 132619780000-00-001978-08-04Eighth Amendment,abuse of discretion
58New York Times Co. v. JascalevichA-111439 U.S. 133119780000-00-001978-08-31First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,murder
59Miroyan v. United States439 U.S. 133819780000-00-001978-08-08Fourth Amendment,privacy,probable cause,search and seizure
60Brennan v. United States Postal Svc.A-152439 U.S. 134519780000-00-001978-08-11Tenth Amendment,Article I
61Columbus Bd. of Ed. v. PenickA-134439 U.S. 134819780000-00-001978-08-11Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,public schools
62Reproductive Svcs., Inc. v. WalkerA-1091439 U.S. 135419780000-00-001978-08-21
63United Methodist Church v. California Super. Ct.439 U.S. 135519780000-00-001978-08-24
64Dayton Bd. of Ed. v. BrinkmanA-212439 U.S. 135719780000-00-001978-08-28
65Dayton Bd. of Ed. v. BrinkmanA-212439 U.S. 135819780000-00-001978-08-30
66Buchanan v. EvansA-188439 U.S. 136019780000-00-001978-09-01equitable relief,judicial review
67Divans v. CaliforniaA-233439 U.S. 136719780000-00-001978-09-01Fourteenth Amendment,Double Jeopardy,Due Process,murder
68United Methodist Church v. California Super. Ct.A-200439 U.S. 136919780000-00-001978-09-01
69Alexis I. du Pont Sch. Dist. v. EvansA-188439 U.S. 137519780000-00-001978-09-08
70Bustop, Inc. v. Board of Ed. of City of Los AngeleA-249439 U.S. 138019780000-00-001978-09-08Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,privacy
71BUSTOP, INC. v. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF CITY OF LOS 439 U.S. 138419780000-00-000000-00-00
72Kimble v. Swackhamer439 U.S. 138519780000-00-001978-10-20
73City of Boston v. Anderson439 U.S. 138919780000-00-001978-10-20Fourteenth Amendment
74Warm Springs Dam Task Force v. GribbleA-357439 U.S. 139219780000-00-001978-10-20EPA,preliminary injunction
75Dolman v. United States439 U.S. 139519780000-00-001978-12-21

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