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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 392
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Terry v. Ohio67392 U.S. 119681967-12-121968-06-10 Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,murder,privacy,probable cause,search and seizure,searches and seizures
2Sibron v. New York67392 U.S. 4019681967-12-111968-06-10 Fourth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,habeas,habeas corpus,judicial review,Miranda,privacy,probable cause,search and seizure,searches and seizures,warrantless search
3Flast v. Cohen416392 U.S. 8319681968-03-121968-06-10 First Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Tenth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Article I of the Constitution,Bill of Rights,Civil Procedure,Due Process,Establishment Clause,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Free Exercise,General Welfare Clause,judicial review,public schools,separation of powers,taxpayer standing
4Perma Life Mufflers v. Int'l Parts Corp.733392 U.S. 13419681968-04-221968-06-10 Antitrust,equitable relief,resale price maintenance,Robinson-Patman Act,Sherman Act,trademark,Unions
5United States v. Southwestern Cable Co.363392 U.S. 15719681968-03-121968-06-10 copyright
6Maryland v. Wirtz742392 U.S. 18319681968-04-231968-06-10 Tenth Amendment,Eleventh Amendment,9 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Fair Labor Standards Act,FLSA,immunity from suit,judicial review,maximum hours,National Labor Relations Act,NLRA,public education,sovereign immunity
7Cheng Fan Kwok v. INS638392 U.S. 20619681968-05-021968-06-10 Hobbs Act,immigration,Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization,judicial review
8Harrison v. United States876392 U.S. 21919681968-04-041968-06-10 Fifth Amendment,Miranda,murder,patent,Self-Incrimination
9Board of Education v. Allen660392 U.S. 23619681968-04-221968-06-10 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Establishment Clause,Free Exercise,public schools,separation of church and state
10Gardner v. Broderick635392 U.S. 27319681968-04-301968-06-10 Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Miranda
11Sanitation Men v. Commissioner of Sanitation823392 U.S. 28019681968-05-011968-06-10
12Campbell Painting Corp. v. Reid673392 U.S. 28619681968-04-301968-06-10 Fifth Amendment,Self-Incrimination,Supremacy Clause
13Roberts v. Russell392 U.S. 29319680000-00-001968-06-10Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Confrontation Clause,criminal procedure,habeas,habeas corpus
14JOHNSON PRODUCTS, INC. v. CITY COUNCIL OF MEDFORD1398392 U.S. 29619680000-00-001968-06-10
15BUJESE v. UNITED STATES392 U.S. 29719680000-00-001968-06-10EPA
16SCHNEBLE v. FLORIDA392 U.S. 29819680000-00-001968-06-10
17JONES v. UNITED STATES135392 U.S. 29919680000-00-001968-06-10
18PICKENS v. OLIVER1076392 U.S. 30019680000-00-001968-06-10
19SANTORO v. UNITED STATES1219392 U.S. 30119680000-00-001968-06-10
20JONES v. LOUISIANA1255392 U.S. 30219680000-00-001968-06-10
21NELSON v. UNITED STATES78392 U.S. 30319680000-00-001968-06-10
22HUNT v. CONNECTICUT392 U.S. 30419680000-00-001968-06-10
23SERIO v. UNITED STATES392 U.S. 30519680000-00-001968-06-10
24WILLIAMS v. FLORIDA392 U.S. 30619680000-00-001968-06-10
25HILLMAN v. FLORIDA392 U.S. 30719680000-00-001968-06-10
26McCARTY v. KANSAS392 U.S. 30819680000-00-001968-06-10
27King v. Smith949392 U.S. 30919681968-04-231968-06-17 Fourteenth Amendment,Aid to Families with Dependent Children,Civil Rights Act,EPA,Equal Protection Clause,Social Security Act
28Walker v. Wainwright786392 U.S. 33519680000-00-001968-03-11
29Agricultural Bank v. Tax Comm'n755392 U.S. 33919681968-04-221968-06-17 patent
30Mancusi v. DeForte844392 U.S. 36419681968-04-251968-06-17 Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,privacy,search and seizure,searches and seizures,warrantless search
31Lee v. Florida174392 U.S. 37819681968-05-021968-06-17 Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,privacy,search and seizure,stare decisis,Supremacy Clause
32Fortnightly Corp. v. United Artists Television, In618392 U.S. 39019681968-03-131968-06-17 Antitrust,copyright
33Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co.645392 U.S. 40919681968-04-011968-06-17 Amendment 1,Thirteenth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Civil Rights Act,Civil Rights Act of 1964,Equal Protection Clause,property rights,public schools,racial discrimination,Title VII,Unions
34Hanover Shoe, Inc. v. United Shoe Machinery Corp.463392 U.S. 48119681968-03-051968-06-17 Antitrust,patent,Robinson-Patman Act,Sherman Act,Standing to Sue
35Powell v. Texas405392 U.S. 51419681968-03-071968-06-17 Eighth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,judicial review,murder,privacy
36American Lines v. Louisville & N. R. Co.34013392 U.S. 57119681968-04-231968-06-17 9 U.S.C. 1
37Wainwright v. City of New Orleans13392 U.S. 59819681967-10-091968-06-17 Fourth Amendment,murder,privacy,probable cause
38Miller v. California154392 U.S. 61619681968-03-261968-06-17 Sixth Amendment,Miranda,murder,patent
39DeStefano v. Woods392 U.S. 63119680000-00-001968-06-17Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus
40Lee Art Theatre, Inc. v. Virginia997392 U.S. 63619680000-00-001968-06-17probable cause
41Houghton v. Shafer392 U.S. 63919680000-00-001968-06-17Civil Rights Act
42CHAN KWAN CHUNG v. IMMIGRATION AND NAT. SERV.637392 U.S. 64219680000-00-001968-06-17
43GOLDMAN v. NEW YORK1261392 U.S. 64319680000-00-001968-06-17
44HARPER v. MICHIGAN392 U.S. 64419680000-00-001968-06-17
45VIALPANDO v. PATTERSON392 U.S. 64519680000-00-001968-06-17
46COOK v. UNITED STATES392 U.S. 64619680000-00-001968-06-17
47SINGER v. MYERS1133392 U.S. 64719680000-00-001968-06-17murder
48SPENCE v. NORTH CAROLINA392 U.S. 64919680000-00-001968-06-17
49STREETER v. CRAVEN392 U.S. 65019680000-00-001968-06-17
50POPE v. UNITED STATES34392 U.S. 65119680000-00-001968-06-1718 U.S.C. 2113
51WHEAT v. WASHINGTON392 U.S. 65219680000-00-001968-06-17
52PUENTES v. BD., ED., UNION FREE SCH. DIST.562392 U.S. 65319680000-00-001968-06-17
53HOLLAND v. HOGAN653392 U.S. 65419680000-00-001968-06-17
54HENRY v. LOUISIANA932392 U.S. 65519680000-00-001968-06-17
55MAXWELL v. GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL ASSN.1147392 U.S. 65619680000-00-001968-06-17
56SULLIVAN v. LITTLE HUNTING PARK, INC.1188392 U.S. 65719680000-00-001968-06-17
57HOPPER v. LOUISIANA1291392 U.S. 65819680000-00-001968-06-17
58CLARK WALTER & SONS, INC. v. UNITED STATES1404392 U.S. 65919680000-00-001968-06-17
59COPAS v. SCHMIDT45392 U.S. 66019680000-00-001968-06-17EPA
60WADE v. YEAGER392 U.S. 66119680000-00-001968-06-17
61TOLES v. CLARK392 U.S. 66219680000-00-001968-06-17
62WEST v. CALIFORNIA392 U.S. 66319680000-00-001968-06-17
63CARROLL v. TEXAS392 U.S. 66419680000-00-001968-06-17
64McDANIEL v. NORTH CAROLINA392 U.S. 66519680000-00-001968-06-17
65ROBINSON v. TENNESSEE392 U.S. 66619680000-00-001968-06-17Miranda
66TAGGART v. NEW YORK392 U.S. 66719680000-00-001968-06-17
67ALDERMAN v. UNITED STATES.133392 U.S. 91919680000-00-000000-00-00
68BUTENKO v. U S133392 U.S. 92319680000-00-000000-00-00Fourth Amendment
69BENTON v. MARYLAND.392 U.S. 92519680000-00-000000-00-00Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment

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