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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 389
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Bohannan v. Arizona204389 U.S. 119670000-00-001967-10-09
2BRENNER v. HOFSTETTER46389 U.S. 519670000-00-001967-10-09
3TV PIX, INC. v. ALLARD79389 U.S. 619670000-00-001967-10-09ADA
4PETRONIA v. ALASKA108389 U.S. 719670000-00-001967-10-09
5LATTIMER v. CRYSTAL CLEAR, INC.235389 U.S. 819670000-00-001967-10-09
6NELLES v. BARTLETT327389 U.S. 919670000-00-001967-10-09
7HAMRICK v. ALABAMA345389 U.S. 1019670000-00-001967-10-09
8RHOADES v. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF ABINGTON TOWNSHIP225389 U.S. 1119670000-00-001967-10-09
9COBB v. GEORGIA51389 U.S. 1219670000-00-001967-10-09
10TROUTT v. CARL K. WILSON CO.57389 U.S. 1319670000-00-001967-10-09
11PRICE v. STATE ROAD COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA176389 U.S. 1419670000-00-001967-10-09
12Bitter v. United States201389 U.S. 1519670000-00-001967-10-16
13Roberts v. United States330389 U.S. 1819670000-00-001967-10-16
14Wood v. United States27389 U.S. 2019670000-00-001967-10-16
15Coleman v. Alabama389 U.S. 2219670000-00-001967-10-16
16Jones v. Georgia389 U.S. 2419670000-00-001967-10-16murder,racial discrimination
17SKOLNICK v. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF COOK COUNTY91389 U.S. 2619670000-00-001967-10-16
18UNITED STATES v. MERCANTILE TRUST CO. NATIONAL ASS87389 U.S. 2719670000-00-001967-10-16
19ASSOCIATED PRESS v. WALKER306389 U.S. 2819670000-00-001967-10-16
20LORDI v. EPSTEIN322389 U.S. 2919670000-00-001967-10-16EPA
21NEWTON TRUCKING CO. v. UNITED STATES328389 U.S. 3019670000-00-001967-10-16
22Pinto v. Pierce284389 U.S. 3119670000-00-001967-10-23habeas,habeas corpus
23Beecher v. Alabama92389 U.S. 3519670000-00-001967-10-23Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,murder,Self-Incrimination
24Roberts v. LaVallee193389 U.S. 4019670000-00-001967-10-23Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,habeas,habeas corpus
25BEATTY v. UNITED STATES338389 U.S. 4519670000-00-001967-10-23
26MERCER v. HEMMINGS406389 U.S. 4619670000-00-001967-10-23
27POTOMAC NEWS CO. v. UNITED STATES164389 U.S. 4719670000-00-001967-10-23
28CONNER v. CITY OF HAMMOND259389 U.S. 4819670000-00-001967-10-23
29UNITED STATES v. ALUMINUM CO.271389 U.S. 4919670000-00-001967-10-23
30CENTRAL MAGAZINE SALES, LTD. v. UNITED STATES368389 U.S. 5019670000-00-001967-10-23
31GARBER v. KANSAS393389 U.S. 5119670000-00-001967-10-23
32CARP v. TEXAS STATE BOARD OF EXAMINERS IN OPTOMETR481389 U.S. 5219670000-00-001967-10-23
33KIRK v. WYOMING50389 U.S. 5319670000-00-001967-10-23
34Whitehill v. Elkins25389 U.S. 5419671967-10-161967-11-19 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment
35Longshoremen v. Marine Trade Assn.34389 U.S. 6419671967-10-121967-11-06 Arbitration,Civil Procedure,Collective Bargaining,equitable relief,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Labor Management Relations Act
36UMANS v. UNITED STATES41389 U.S. 8019671967-10-111967-11-06
37Beckley Newspapers v. Hanks467389 U.S. 8119670000-00-001967-11-06
38Garner v. Yeager704389 U.S. 8619670000-00-001967-11-06habeas,habeas corpus
39BALTIMORE & OHIO CHICAGO TERM. R. CO. v. UNITED ST539389 U.S. 8819670000-00-001967-11-06
40CHANCE v. CALIFORNIA389 U.S. 8919670000-00-001967-11-06
41Will v. United States36389 U.S. 9019671967-10-171967-11-13 abuse of discretion,Civil Procedure,criminal procedure,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
42Burgett v. Texas53389 U.S. 10919671967-10-181967-11-13 Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,criminal procedure,murder
43United States v. Rands54389 U.S. 12119671967-10-181967-11-13 Fifth Amendment,Commerce Clause,property rights,Submerged Lands Act
44Mempa v. Rhay16389 U.S. 12819671967-10-111967-11-13 Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus
45Whitney v. Florida68389 U.S. 13819671967-10-191967-11-13 habeas,habeas corpus,harmless error,murder,res judicata
46Hackin v. Arizona523389 U.S. 14319670000-00-001967-11-13First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,murder
47MODERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. v. WOLFMAN574389 U.S. 15319670000-00-001967-11-1328 U.S.C. 1257
48GREGOIRE v. LOUISIANA35389 U.S. 15419670000-00-001967-11-13
49United States v. Louisiana9-Orig-1967389 U.S. 15519671967-10-091967-12-04 Submerged Lands Act
50FTC v. Flotill Products, Inc.20389 U.S. 17919671967-10-161967-12-04 9 U.S.C. 1,Robinson-Patman Act,Zoning
51Wyandotte Transportation Co. v. United States31389 U.S. 19119671967-10-161967-12-04 Article I
52Lucas v. Rhodes568389 U.S. 21219670000-00-001967-12-04
53DOLOMITE PRODUCTS CO., INC v. KIPERS619389 U.S. 21419670000-00-001967-12-04
54WALLACE v. UNITED STATES489389 U.S. 21519670000-00-001967-12-04
55GREYHOUND LINES, INC. v. UNITED STATES555389 U.S. 21619670000-00-001967-12-04
56Mine Workers v. Illinois Bar Assn.33389 U.S. 21719671967-10-171967-12-05 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,attorney fees,Bill of Rights,Supremacy Clause
57Nash v. Florida Industrial Comm'n48389 U.S. 23519671967-11-091967-12-05 Fourteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,9 U.S.C. 1,National Labor Relations Act,Supremacy Clause
58Zwickler v. Koota29389 U.S. 24119671967-10-121967-12-05 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Civil Rights Act,Comity,Judicial Power,Original Jurisdiction
59United States v. Robel8389 U.S. 25819671966-11-141967-12-11 First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Freedom of Association,judicial review
60Hughes v. Washington15389 U.S. 29019671967-11-061967-12-11 Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,patent,property rights
61United States v. Correll113389 U.S. 29919671967-11-141967-12-11 Internal Revenue Code
62UNITED STATES v. PENN-OLIN CHEMICAL CO.26389 U.S. 30819671967-12-071967-12-11
63W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America v. Clark515389 U.S. 30919670000-00-001967-12-11First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fifteenth Amendment
64Burke v. Ford632389 U.S. 32019670000-00-001967-12-11Sherman Act
65Eagar v. Magma Copper Co.659389 U.S. 32319670000-00-001967-12-11
66Firemen v. Bangor & Aroostook R. Co.353389 U.S. 32719670000-00-001967-12-11
67GERMANN v. UNITED STATES384389 U.S. 32919670000-00-001967-12-11Bankruptcy
68UNITED NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. v. CALIFORNIA669389 U.S. 33019670000-00-001967-12-11
69TOWNSHIP OF SPRINGFIELD v. GREEN675389 U.S. 33119670000-00-001967-12-11
70Tcherepnin v. Knight104389 U.S. 33219671967-11-131967-12-18 Securities Act of 1933
71Katz v. United States35389 U.S. 34719671967-10-171967-12-18 First Amendment,Third Amendment,Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Article I,Bill of Rights,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,privacy,probable cause,search and seizure,searches and seizures,separation of powers,warrantless search
72NLRB v. Fleetwood Trailer Co., Inc.49389 U.S. 37519671967-11-081967-12-18 9 U.S.C. 1,National Labor Relations Act
73Case-Swayne Co., Inc. v. Sunkist Growers, Inc.66389 U.S. 38419671967-10-181967-12-18 Antitrust,Sherman Act
74Sims v. Georgia678389 U.S. 40419670000-00-001967-12-18
75United States v. Dixie Highway Express, Inc.389 U.S. 40919670000-00-001967-12-18
76Brooks v. Florida14389 U.S. 41319670000-00-001967-12-18
77Damico v. California389 U.S. 41619670000-00-001967-12-18Aid to Families with Dependent Children,Civil Rights Act,racial segregation,search and seizure,Social Security Act
78Rockefeller v. Wells691389 U.S. 42119670000-00-001967-12-18Civil Rights Act,Reapportionment
79SIMON v. WHARTON72389 U.S. 42519670000-00-001967-12-18Miranda
80LANTZ v. LYNDEN TRANSFER, INC.623389 U.S. 42619670000-00-001967-12-18
81ILLINOIS v. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY R. CO.670389 U.S. 42719670000-00-001967-12-18
82MOSES v. WASHINGTON246389 U.S. 42819670000-00-001967-12-18
83Zschernig v. Miller21389 U.S. 42919681967-11-071968-01-15 Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,judicial review,separation of powers,stare decisis,Supremacy Clause
84Wirtz v. Bottle Blowers Assn.57389 U.S. 46319681967-11-081968-01-15 ADA,Article I,conditions of employment,probable cause,Unions
85Wirtz v. Laborers' Union58389 U.S. 47719681967-11-081968-01-15 Labor Department,National Labor Relations Act,patent
86Penn-Central Merger Cases433)389 U.S. 48619680000-00-001968-01-15Bankruptcy,judicial review,res judicata
87Massachusetts v. Painten37389 U.S. 56019681967-10-181968-01-15 Fourth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,probable cause,search and seizure,warrantless search
88CHANDLER v. UNITED STATES480389 U.S. 56819680000-00-001968-01-15
89BRASWELL MOTOR FREIGHT LINES, INC. v. UNITED STATE790389 U.S. 56919680000-00-001968-01-15EPA
90RANDOLPH v. UNITED STATES879389 U.S. 57019680000-00-001968-01-15
91LOUISIANA FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE COMM. v. POINDEXTER793389 U.S. 57119680000-00-001968-01-15
92JAMES v. GILMORE850389 U.S. 57219680000-00-001968-01-15
93I. M. AMUSEMENT CORP. v. OHIO260389 U.S. 57319680000-00-001968-01-15
94STRICKLAND TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. v. UNITED STAT839389 U.S. 57419680000-00-001968-01-15
95UNITED STATES v. BETHLEHEM STEEL CO.130389 U.S. 57519680000-00-001968-01-15
96NATIONAL SMALL SHIPMENTS TRAF. v. RINGSBY TRUCK LI163389 U.S. 57619680000-00-001968-01-15
97INTERNATIONAL LADIES' GARMENT W. U. v. SCHERER & S400389 U.S. 57719680000-00-001968-01-15
98ROBERT-ARTHUR MANAGEMENT CORP. v. TENN. EX REL. CA679389 U.S. 57819680000-00-001968-01-15
99OSBOURNE v. MISSISSIPPI VALLEY BARGE LINE CO.768389 U.S. 57919680000-00-001968-01-15
100THRIFTY SHOPPERS SCRIP CO. v. UNITED STATES820389 U.S. 58019680000-00-001968-01-15
101GOLDSTEIN v. COX825389 U.S. 58119680000-00-001968-01-15
102MILLER v. HAINES840389 U.S. 58219680000-00-001968-01-15EPA
103PUBLIC UTILITIES COMM. v. BALTIMORE SHIPPERS & REC846389 U.S. 58319680000-00-001968-01-15
104BANKS v. CHICAGO GRAIN TRIMMERS ASS'N, INC59389 U.S. 81319670000-00-000000-00-00
105REDERI A/B DISA v. CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.302389 U.S. 85219670000-00-000000-00-00
106HELLER v. CONNECTICUT.115389 U.S. 90219670000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment
107NASH v. ILLINOIS389 U.S. 90619670000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,murder
108ALLEN v. ILLINOIS389 U.S. 90719670000-00-000000-00-00
109FORT v. CITY OF MIAMI.91389 U.S. 91819670000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,patent
110RAYMOND MARTY HAMILTON v. CALIFORNIA.30389 U.S. 92119670000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,harmless error,murder
111MORA v. MCNAMARA401389 U.S. 93419670000-00-000000-00-00Article I,habeas,habeas corpus
112GRANZA v. U.S.513389 U.S. 93919670000-00-000000-00-00
113PENN-CENTRAL MERGER AND N & W INCLUSION CASES.778, 779,389 U.S. 94619670000-00-000000-00-00
114MCSURELY v. RATLIFF____389 U.S. 94919670000-00-000000-00-00
115KAPLAN v. LEHMAN BROTHERS197389 U.S. 95419670000-00-000000-00-00Sherman Act
116MILLER v. CALIFORNIA154389 U.S. 96819670000-00-000000-00-00harmless error
117BECKER v. PHILCO CORPORATION.145389 U.S. 97919670000-00-000000-00-00First Amendment
118DETENBER v. AMERICAN UNIVERSAL INSURANCE CO.483389 U.S. 98719670000-00-000000-00-00Seventh Amendment
119SNOHOMISH COUNTY v. SEATTLE DISPOSAL COMPANY548389 U.S. 101619670000-00-000000-00-00Indians
120STATE OF ARKANSAS v. STATE OF TENNESSEE.389 U.S. 102619680000-00-000000-00-00

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