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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 382
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Fairfax Family Fund, Inc. v. California124382 U.S. 119650000-00-001965-10-11
2WMCA, Inc. v. Lomenzo85382 U.S. 419650000-00-001965-10-11Fourteenth Amendment
3TRAVIA v. LOMENZO191382 U.S. 919650000-00-001965-10-11
4ROCKEFELLER v. ORANS319382 U.S. 1019650000-00-001965-10-11
5SCREVANE v. LOMENZO449382 U.S. 1119650000-00-001965-10-11
6JOBE v. CITY OF ERLANGER62382 U.S. 1219650000-00-001965-10-11
7HERALD PUBLISHING CO. v. WHITEHEAD-DONOVAN CORP.156382 U.S. 1319650000-00-001965-10-11
8PURE-VAC DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP. v. MISSISSIPPI179382 U.S. 1419650000-00-001965-10-11
9GRIFFING v. BIANCHI206382 U.S. 1519650000-00-001965-10-11
10SEACAT MARINE DRILLING CO. v. BABINEAUX283382 U.S. 1619650000-00-001965-10-11
11HOURIHAN v. MAHONEY119382 U.S. 1719650000-00-001965-10-11
12MADDOX v. WILLIS308382 U.S. 1819650000-00-001965-10-11
13O'CONNOR v. OHIO357382 U.S. 1919650000-00-001965-10-11
14PUGACH v. NEW YORK12382 U.S. 2019650000-00-001965-10-11
15CASSESE v. PEYTON358382 U.S. 2119650000-00-001965-10-11EPA
16KADANS v. DICKERSON81382 U.S. 2219650000-00-001965-10-11ADA
17GRANIERI v. SALT LAKE CITY382 U.S. 2319650000-00-001965-10-11
18THOMPSON v. CITY AND STATE OF NEW YORK382 U.S. 2419650000-00-001965-10-11
19Gondeck v. Pan American World Airways, Inc.919382 U.S. 2519650000-00-001965-10-18conditions of employment,judicial review
20Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. v. Gridiron Steel Co.123382 U.S. 3219650000-00-001965-10-18
21First Security Nat. Bank v. United States141382 U.S. 3419650000-00-001965-10-18Sherman Act
22James v. Louisiana23382 U.S. 3619650000-00-001965-10-18probable cause
23KASHARIAN v. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO.212382 U.S. 3819650000-00-001965-10-18
24WELLS v. REYNOLDS258382 U.S. 3919650000-00-001965-10-18
25KASHARIAN v. SOUTH PLAINFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH373382 U.S. 4019650000-00-001965-10-18
26STEBBINS v. MACY384382 U.S. 4119650000-00-001965-10-18
27RATLEY v. CROUSE241382 U.S. 4219650000-00-001965-10-25
28SERVICE TRUCKING CO., INC. v. UNITED STATES422382 U.S. 4319650000-00-001965-10-25
29MORTON SALT CO. v. UNITED STATES275382 U.S. 4419650000-00-001965-10-25
30WETHERALL v. STATE ROAD COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINI428382 U.S. 4519650000-00-001965-10-25
31FTC v. Mary Carter Paint Co.15382 U.S. 4619651965-10-211965-11-08 abuse of discretion,Administrative Procedure
32Leh v. General Petroleum Corp.4382 U.S. 5419651965-10-111965-11-08 Sherman Act
33McGEE v. CROUSE438382 U.S. 6719650000-00-001965-11-08
34Richmond Television Corp. v. United States420382 U.S. 6819650000-00-001965-11-08
36Albertson v. SACB3382 U.S. 7019651965-10-181965-11-15First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,absolute immunity,EPA,judicial review,Self-Incrimination
37Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham5382 U.S. 8719651965-10-111965-11-15 First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment
38Bradley v. School Board of City of Richmond382 U.S. 10319650000-00-001965-11-15judicial review
39BURNHAM VAN SERVICE v. PENTECOST494382 U.S. 10619650000-00-001965-11-15
40FERNANDEZ v. BABARE497382 U.S. 10719650000-00-001965-11-15
41ADELMAN v. LOWER MINNESOTA RIVER WATERSHED DISTRIC512382 U.S. 10819650000-00-001965-11-15
42HAINSWORTH v. MARTIN477382 U.S. 10919650000-00-001965-11-15
43ROSENBLATT v. AMERICAN CYANAMID CO.501382 U.S. 11019650000-00-001965-11-15
44Swift & Co. v. Wickham9382 U.S. 11119651965-10-131965-11-22 Tenth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Commerce Clause,Contract Clause,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,stare decisis,Supremacy Clause
45United States v. Romano2382 U.S. 13619651965-10-141965-11-22 Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Internal Revenue Code
46Steelworkers v. R. H. Bouligny, Inc.19382 U.S. 14519651965-10-211965-11-22 28 U.S.C. 1441,9 U.S.C. 1,Article I,Unions
47Seaboard Air Line R. Co. v. United States382 U.S. 15419650000-00-001965-11-22
48UNITED STATES v. MARYLAND FOR THE USE OF MEYER543382 U.S. 15819650000-00-001965-11-22
49MARYLAND FOR THE USE OF LEVIN v. UNITED STATES345382 U.S. 15919650000-00-001965-11-22
50HODGES v. BUCKEYE CELLULOSE CORP.548382 U.S. 16019650000-00-001965-11-22
51KASHARIAN v. WILENTZ541382 U.S. 16119650000-00-001965-11-22
52Harris v. United States6382 U.S. 16219651965-10-111965-12-06 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
53Walker Process Eqpt., Inc. v. Food Machinery Corp.13382 U.S. 17219651965-10-121965-12-06 patent,Sherman Act
54Hanna Mining Co. v. Marine Engineers7382 U.S. 18119651965-10-121965-12-06 9 U.S.C. 1,judicial review,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act,preemption,Unions
55UNITED STATES v. HUCK MANUFACTURING CO.8382 U.S. 19719651965-11-151965-12-06
56Rogers v. Paul532382 U.S. 19819650000-00-001965-12-06
57MARCHEV v. TOWNSHIP OF LIVINGSTON571382 U.S. 20119650000-00-001965-12-06
58NEHRING v. GERRITY614382 U.S. 20219650000-00-001965-12-06
59508 CHESTNUT, INC. v. CITY OF ST. LOUIS605382 U.S. 20319650000-00-001965-12-06
60SOLOMON v. SOUTH CAROLINA588382 U.S. 20419650000-00-001965-12-06
61Auto Workers v. Scofield18382 U.S. 20519651965-10-201965-12-20 9 U.S.C. 1,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Hobbs Act,judicial review,National Labor Relations Act,res judicata,stare decisis
62United Gas v. Callery Properties21382 U.S. 22319651965-10-181965-12-07 judicial review
63Western Pac. R. Co. v. United States12382 U.S. 23719651965-10-191965-12-07 9 U.S.C. 1
64Hazeltine Research, Inc. v. Brenner57382 U.S. 25219651965-11-171965-12-08 patent
65Gunther v. San Diego & Arizona Eastern R. Co.27382 U.S. 25719651965-11-081965-12-08
66United States v. Speers17382 U.S. 26619651965-10-201965-12-13 Bankruptcy,Internal Revenue Code
67Pennsylvania PUC v. Pennsylvania R. Co.375382 U.S. 28119650000-00-001965-12-13
68ALBANESE v. NEDERL. AMERIK MAATS.523382 U.S. 28319650000-00-001965-12-13
69MOODY v. UNITED MINE WORKERS LOCAL FOR UNITED STAT610382 U.S. 28519650000-00-001965-12-13Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization
70MAYBERRY v. PENNSYLVANIA11382 U.S. 28619650000-00-001965-12-13
71TRAVIA v. LOMENZO633382 U.S. 28719650000-00-001965-12-13
72United States v. Louisiana9-Orig-1960382 U.S. 28819650000-00-001965-12-13Submerged Lands Act
73Evans v. Newton61382 U.S. 29619661965-11-091966-01-17 Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Fifteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause,public schools,racial discrimination,racial segregation
74Katchen v. Landy28382 U.S. 32319661965-11-081966-01-17 Seventh Amendment,Bankruptcy,res judicata
75United States v. Yazell10382 U.S. 34119661965-10-131966-01-17 Civil Procedure,copyright,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Internal Revenue Code,property rights
76Koehring Co. v. Hyde Construction Co., Inc.593382 U.S. 36219660000-00-001966-01-17Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
77LLOYD v. BRICK679382 U.S. 36619660000-00-001966-01-17
78SMITH v. AYRES690382 U.S. 36719660000-00-001966-01-17
79ATLANTIC GULF & PACIFIC CO. v. GEROSA718382 U.S. 36819660000-00-001966-01-17
80NATIONAL BUS TRAFFIC ASSOCIATION v. UNITED STATES635382 U.S. 36919660000-00-001966-01-17
81NORTHWESTERN PACIFIC R.R. v. PUBLIC UTILITIES COMM676382 U.S. 37019660000-00-001966-01-17
82CONVOY CO. v. UNITED STATES719382 U.S. 37119660000-00-001966-01-17
83AMERICAN TRUCKING ASSOCIATIONS, INC. v. UNITED STA510382 U.S. 37219660000-00-001966-01-17
84AMERICAN TRUCKING ASSOCIATIONS, INC. v. UNITED STA662382 U.S. 37319660000-00-001966-01-17
85NEWSPAPER DRIVERS & HAND., UNION, #372 v. DETROIT 663382 U.S. 37419660000-00-001966-01-17
86Segal v. Rochelle44382 U.S. 37519661965-11-171966-01-19 Fifth Amendment,Bankruptcy,Internal Revenue Code
87California v. Buzard40382 U.S. 38619661965-11-161966-01-19
88Snapp v. Neal16382 U.S. 39719661965-11-151966-01-19
89Giaccio v. Pennsylvania47382 U.S. 39919661965-12-061966-01-19 Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause
90Tehan v. Shott52382 U.S. 40619661965-11-181966-01-19 Fourth Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus,privacy,Privileges and Immunities Clause,searches and seizures
91ODELL v. STATE DEPARTMENT, PUBLIC WELFARE OF WISCO87382 U.S. 42019660000-00-001966-01-24EPA
92PEW v. COMMANDANT382 U.S. 42119660000-00-001966-01-24RICO
93CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY CO. v. CHICAGO751382 U.S. 42219660000-00-001966-01-24
94Engineers v. Chicago, R.I. & Pac. R. Co.69382 U.S. 42319661965-12-081966-01-31 Fourteenth Amendment,Arbitration,Commerce Clause,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause
95United States v. California5382 U.S. 44819660000-00-001966-01-31Submerged Lands Act
96BECK v. McLEOD770382 U.S. 45419660000-00-001966-01-31
97RAINSBERGER v. NEVADA382 U.S. 45519660000-00-001966-01-31ADA
98PLATT v. MINNESOTA MINING & MANUFACTURING CO.274382 U.S. 45619660000-00-001966-01-31
99BRADFORD v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE382 U.S. 86819650000-00-001965-10-11
100SIMMONS v. UNION NEWS CO.382 U.S. 88419650000-00-001965-10-18Seventh Amendment,National Labor Relations Act
101U.S. v. UTAH CONSTRUCTION AND MINING CO.440382 U.S. 90019650000-00-001965-11-08
102DENNIS v. U.S.502382 U.S. 91519650000-00-001965-11-15
103MARTIN v. TEXAS149382 U.S. 92819650000-00-000000-00-00
104HARPER v. VIRGINIA STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS48382 U.S. 95119650000-00-001965-12-13
105CHANDLER v. JUDICIAL COUNCIL OF TENTH CIRCUIT OF U382 U.S. 100319660000-00-001966-01-21Article I

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