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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 375
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1DAEGEKE v. KANSAS72375 U.S. 119630000-00-001963-10-14
2Pickelsimer v. Wainwright16375 U.S. 219630000-00-001963-10-14
3AVERITT v. MISSISSIPPI162375 U.S. 519630000-00-001963-10-14
4RAPOPORT v. OHIO212375 U.S. 619630000-00-001963-10-14
5RYAN v. PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE127375 U.S. 719630000-00-001963-10-14
6KAUKAS v. CITY OF CHICAGO259375 U.S. 819630000-00-001963-10-14
7SAYLES FINISHING PLANTS, INC., v. TOOMEY188375 U.S. 919630000-00-001963-10-14
8FRIEDMAN v. COURT ON THE JUDICIARY285375 U.S. 1019630000-00-001963-10-14
9MILLER v. CITY OF CHICAGO260375 U.S. 1119630000-00-001963-10-14
10MATSON v. QUEEN'S HOSPITAL375 U.S. 1219630000-00-001963-10-14
11GRAY v. PENNSYLVANIA375 U.S. 1319630000-00-001963-10-14
12IN RE JENISON238375 U.S. 1419630000-00-001963-10-14
13SALAS v. TEXAS375 U.S. 1519630000-00-001963-10-14
14CEPERO v. PELOSO375 U.S. 1619630000-00-001963-10-14EPA
15KING v. KING375 U.S. 1719630000-00-001963-10-14
16BROTHERHOOD, R.R. v. CHICAGO & ILLINOIS RY.225375 U.S. 1819630000-00-001963-10-14
17WABANINGO CAMP v. TAX COMM'N231375 U.S. 1919630000-00-001963-10-14
18SCARNATO v. LAVALLEE8375 U.S. 2019630000-00-001963-10-14
19NEWSOME v. NORTH CAROLINA11375 U.S. 2119630000-00-001963-10-14
20SHOCKEY v. ILLINOIS20375 U.S. 2219630000-00-001963-10-14
21COOPER v. ALABAMA32375 U.S. 2319630000-00-001963-10-14
22AUSBIE v. CALIFORNIA52375 U.S. 2419630000-00-001963-10-14
23NICHOLSON v. BOLES68375 U.S. 2519630000-00-001963-10-14
24HERRERA v. HEINZE82375 U.S. 2619630000-00-001963-10-14
25TABB v. CALIFORNIA83375 U.S. 2719630000-00-001963-10-14
26BARNES v. NORTH CAROLINA375 U.S. 2819630000-00-001963-10-14
27Panico v. United States45375 U.S. 2919630000-00-001963-10-21Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
28Evola v. United States79375 U.S. 3219630000-00-001963-10-21
29Tipton v. Socony Mobil Oil Co., Inc.200375 U.S. 3419630000-00-001963-10-21harmless error
30Shenandoah Valley Broadcasting, Inc. v. ASCAP323375 U.S. 3919630000-00-001963-10-21Sherman Act
31DUNLAP v. OHIO288375 U.S. 4219630000-00-001963-10-21
32DAVIS v. CITY OF BOWLING GREEN331375 U.S. 4319630000-00-001963-10-21EPA
33CADE v. LOUISIANA340375 U.S. 4419630000-00-001963-10-21
34HESS v. KRIZ375 U.S. 4519630000-00-001963-10-21
35JACOBS v. ARIZONA375 U.S. 4619630000-00-001963-10-21
36SIMMONS v. OSWALD375 U.S. 4719630000-00-001963-10-21
37ARISTEGUIETA v. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK1375 U.S. 4819630000-00-001963-10-21
38ARISTEGUIETA v. FIRST NAT. BANK2375 U.S. 4919630000-00-001963-10-21
39CREWS v. WAINWRIGHT59375 U.S. 5019630000-00-001963-10-21
40BANKS v. WAINWRIGHT76375 U.S. 5119630000-00-001963-10-21
41Bartone v. United States337375 U.S. 5219630000-00-001963-10-28Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,habeas,habeas corpus
42SOUTH COAST FISHERIES v. DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GA372375 U.S. 5719630000-00-001963-10-28EPA
43CANTON CO. v. COMPTROLLER OF THE TREASURY365375 U.S. 5819630000-00-001963-10-28
44United States v. Zacks44375 U.S. 5919631963-10-211963-11-12Internal Revenue Code,patent
45Parsons v. Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co.32375 U.S. 7119631963-10-231963-11-12abuse of discretion,res judicata
46Aldrich v. Aldrich55375 U.S. 7519631963-10-241963-11-12
47BARKER v. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO.388375 U.S. 7719630000-00-001963-11-12
48COURTESY SANDWICH SHOP, INC. v. PORT AUTHORITY399375 U.S. 7819630000-00-001963-11-12
49Gotthilf v. Sills50375 U.S. 7919631963-10-241963-11-1828 U.S.C. 1257,EPA
50CERTIFIED CREDIT CORP. v. BOWERS430375 U.S. 8419630000-00-001963-11-18
51Fahy v. Connecticut375 U.S. 8519631963-10-161963-12-02Fourteenth Amendment,harmless error,harmless-error,search and seizure
52Retail Clerks v. Schermerhorn13375 U.S. 9619631963-04-181963-12-029 U.S.C. 1,Commerce Clause,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act
53Durfee v. Duke37375 U.S. 10619631963-10-241963-12-02Full Faith and Credit,Full Faith and Credit Clause,res judicata,sovereign immunity
54United States v. Stapf54375 U.S. 11819630000-00-001963-12-02Internal Revenue Code
55Dresner v. City of Tallahassee35375 U.S. 13619631963-10-230000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth
56Chicago & Eastern Illinois R. Co. v. United States275375 U.S. 15019630000-00-001963-12-029 U.S.C. 1,Administrative Procedure
57MEEKER v. AMBASSADOR OIL CORP.46375 U.S. 16019630000-00-001963-12-02EPA
58KIRKLAND v. TEXAS465375 U.S. 16119630000-00-001963-12-02
59United States v. Behrens86375 U.S. 16219631963-10-171963-12-09Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,murder
60Corey v. United States31375 U.S. 16919631963-10-171963-12-09Eighth Amendment,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
61SEC v. Capital Gains Research Bureau, Inc.42375 U.S. 18019631963-10-211963-12-09fiduciary obligations,preliminary injunction,Securities Act of 1933
62Dennis v. Denver & Rio Grand Western R. Co.25375 U.S. 20819631963-11-191963-12-09
63KAYE v. SPENCE CHAPIN ADOPTION HOME478375 U.S. 21419630000-00-001963-12-09
64FRANK ADAMS & CO. v. UNITED STATES506375 U.S. 21519630000-00-001963-12-09ADA
65BROTHERHOOD, MAINTENANCE, WAY EMPLOYES v. UNITED S510375 U.S. 21619630000-00-001963-12-09
66Foti v. INS28375 U.S. 21719630000-00-001963-12-16abuse of discretion,habeas,habeas corpus,Hobbs Act,immigration,Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization,judicial review,patent
67Meyer v. United States61375 U.S. 23319631963-10-241963-12-16Internal Revenue Code,property rights
68FIELDS v. CITY OF FAIRFIELD30375 U.S. 24819630000-00-001963-12-16
69Aldrich v. Aldrich55375 U.S. 24919631963-10-241963-11-12Full Faith and Credit
70Eichel v. New York Central R. Co.480375 U.S. 25319630000-00-001963-12-16Social Security Act
71FAIR DRAIN TAXATION, INC. v. CITY OF ST. CLAIR SHO37375 U.S. 25819630000-00-001963-12-16
72SMITH v. CALIFORNIA72375 U.S. 25919630000-00-001963-12-16EPA
73McALLISTER v. LOUISIANA375 U.S. 26019630000-00-001963-12-16
74Carey v. Westinghouse Elec. Corp.21375 U.S. 26119640000-00-001964-01-069 U.S.C. 1,Arbitration,judicial review,Labor Management Relations Act,National Labor Relations Act
75Hardy v. United States112375 U.S. 27719641963-11-211964-01-06Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,habeas,habeas corpus,probable cause,Right to Counsel,search and seizure
76Liner v. Jafco, Inc.43375 U.S. 30119641963-11-211964-01-0628 U.S.C. 1257,9 U.S.C. 1,Article I,conditions of employment,judicial review,National Labor Relations Act,patent,preemption,Sherman Act
77National Equipment Rental, Ltd. v. Szukhent81375 U.S. 31119641963-11-201964-01-06Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
78Humphrey v. Moore89375 U.S. 33519640000-00-001964-01-069 U.S.C. 1,Labor Management Relations Act,Mergers,Miranda,National Labor Relations Act,preemption,Unions,willfulness
79Polar Ice Cream Co. v. Andrews38375 U.S. 36119641963-11-201964-01-06Fourteenth Amendment,Commerce Clause,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause
80Thompson v. INS496375 U.S. 38419640000-00-001964-01-06Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,Immigration and Naturalization
81Griffin v. County School Board592375 U.S. 39119640000-00-001964-01-06public schools
82WINTNER v. UNITED STATES98375 U.S. 39319640000-00-001964-01-06
83RATIGAN v. DAVIS547375 U.S. 39419640000-00-001964-01-06
84SCHIRO, MAYOR OF NEW ORLEANS, v. BYNUM580375 U.S. 39519640000-00-001964-01-06
85HANSELL v. DOUGLASS586375 U.S. 39619640000-00-001964-01-06
86FAUDEL v. IOWA375 U.S. 39719640000-00-001964-01-06
87JENNINGS v. TEXAS375 U.S. 39819640000-00-001964-01-06
88Anderson v. Martin51375 U.S. 39919640000-00-001964-01-13Fourteenth Amendment,Fifteenth Amendment,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,preliminary injunction
89Labor Board v. Exchange Parts Co.26375 U.S. 40519641963-12-111964-01-139 U.S.C. 1,National Labor Relations Act
90England v. Medical Examiners7375 U.S. 41119641963-10-151964-01-13Fourteenth Amendment,Fifteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,28 U.S.C. 1441,Commerce Clause,Due Process,Federalism,habeas,habeas corpus,res judicata
91BRAZOSPORT SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION v. PHILLIPS565375 U.S. 43819640000-00-001964-01-13
92BLAIKIE v. POWER617375 U.S. 43919640000-00-001964-01-13
93Reisman v. Caplin119375 U.S. 44019641963-12-121964-01-20Internal Revenue Code,judicial review,willfulness
94LANZA v. NEW JERSEY560375 U.S. 45119640000-00-001964-01-20
95ARROW CARRIER CORP. v. UNITED STATES467375 U.S. 45219640000-00-001964-01-20
96SOUTHERN RY. CO. v. JACKSON332375 U.S. 83719630000-00-000000-00-00Seventh Amendment
97DONATO v. U.S.1017375 U.S. 87119630000-00-000000-00-00
98RUDOLPH v. ALABAMA375 U.S. 88919630000-00-000000-00-00
99NG KAM FOOK v. ESPERDY483375 U.S. 95519630000-00-000000-00-00Immigration and Nationality Act
100FIBREBOARD PAPER PRODUCTS CORP. v. N.L.R.B.610375 U.S. 96319640000-00-000000-00-00National Labor Relations Act
101BECK v. U.S.479375 U.S. 97219640000-00-000000-00-00
102SHENANDOAH VALLEY BROADCASTING INC. v. A.S.C.A.P.323375 U.S. 99419640000-00-000000-00-00Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

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