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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 355
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1SCALES v. UNITED STATES3355 U.S. 119570000-00-001957-10-14
2LIGHTFOOT v. UNITED STATES4355 U.S. 219571956-10-101957-10-14
3VIRGINIA v. MARYLAND355 U.S. 319570000-00-001957-10-14
4ARKANSAS PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION v. UNITED STATE197355 U.S. 419570000-00-001957-10-14
5KRASNOV v. UNITED STATES238355 U.S. 519570000-00-001957-10-14
6AKRON, CANTON & YOUNGSTOWN R.R. v. FROZEN FOOD EXP258355 U.S. 619570000-00-001957-10-14
7SIMPSON v. UNITED STATES131355 U.S. 719570000-00-001957-10-14
8McCRARY v. ALADDIN RADIO INDUSTRIES, INC.116355 U.S. 819570000-00-001957-10-14
9FEDERAL TRADE COMM'N v. CRAFTS229355 U.S. 919570000-00-001957-10-14
10NATIONWIDE TRAILER RENTAL SYSTEM v. UNITED STATES114355 U.S. 1019570000-00-001957-10-14
11MONSON DRAY LINE, INC., v. MURPHY MOTOR FREIGHT LI307355 U.S. 1119570000-00-001957-10-14
12LINCOLN BUILDING ASSOCIATES v. BARR128355 U.S. 1219570000-00-001957-10-14
13GIBRALTAR FACTORS CORP. v. SLAPO278355 U.S. 1319570000-00-001957-10-14
14FOUR MAPLE DRIVE REALTY CORP. v. ABRAMS181355 U.S. 1419570000-00-001957-10-14
15ALBANESE v. PIERCE247355 U.S. 1519570000-00-001957-10-14
16UPHAUS v. WYMAN332355 U.S. 1619570000-00-001957-10-14
17McGEE v. UNITED STATES6355 U.S. 1719570000-00-001957-10-14
18Gibson v. Thompson355 U.S. 1819570000-00-000000-00-00
19Palermo v. Luckenbach S.S. Co., Inc.350355 U.S. 2019570000-00-001957-10-21
20HOBART v. HOBART355355 U.S. 2119570000-00-001957-10-21
21NEW ORLEANS INSURANCE EXCHANGE v. UNITED STATES399355 U.S. 2219570000-00-001957-10-28
22LITHUANIAN WORKERS v. BROWNELL295355 U.S. 2319570000-00-001957-10-28
23Black v. Magnolia Liquor Co., Inc.14355 U.S. 2419571957-10-171957-11-12
24Alcorta v. Texas139355 U.S. 2819571957-10-231957-11-12habeas,habeas corpus,murder
25BANTA v. UNITED STATES430355 U.S. 3319570000-00-001957-11-12
26BANTA, TRUSTEE, v. UNITED STATES506355 U.S. 3419570000-00-001957-11-12
27TIMES FILM CORP. v. CITY OF CHICAGO372355 U.S. 3519570000-00-001957-11-12
28EDWARDS v. UNITED STATES355 U.S. 3619570000-00-001957-11-12
29CORSA v. TAWES416355 U.S. 3719570000-00-001957-11-12
30FORD v. UNITED STATES82355 U.S. 3819570000-00-001957-11-12
31DISTRICT LODGE 34 v. CAVETT CO.453355 U.S. 3919570000-00-001957-11-12
32WOMETCO TELEVISION & THEATRE CO. v. UNITED STATES438355 U.S. 4019570000-00-001957-11-12
33Conley v. Gibson7355 U.S. 4119571957-10-211957-11-18Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
34Williams v. Simons74355 U.S. 4919570000-00-001957-11-18preliminary injunction,probable cause
35IN RE LAMKIN355 U.S. 5919570000-00-001957-11-18habeas,habeas corpus
36PORET v. SIGLER, WARDEN355 U.S. 6019570000-00-001957-11-18habeas,habeas corpus
37LEE YOU FEE v. DULLES58355 U.S. 6119570000-00-001957-11-18
38Stinson v. Atlantic Coast Line R. Co.442355 U.S. 6219570000-00-001957-11-18
39CITY OF NASHVILLE v. UNITED STATES365355 U.S. 6319570000-00-001957-11-18
40AMERICAN PUBLIC POWER ASSOC. v. POWER AUTHORITY477355 U.S. 6419570000-00-001957-11-18
41TURNER v. WRIGHT355 U.S. 6519570000-00-001957-11-18
42Yates v. United States2355 U.S. 6619570000-00-001957-11-25Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Eighth Amendment,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
43Rosenbloom v. United States451355 U.S. 8019570000-00-001957-11-25Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
44IN RE LATIMER355 U.S. 8219570000-00-001957-11-25
45Schaffer Transportation Co. v. United States20355 U.S. 8319571957-11-131957-12-09judicial review,Motor Carrier Act
46Benanti v. United States231355 U.S. 9619571957-10-291957-12-09Fourth Amendment,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
47Rathbun v. United States30355 U.S. 10719571957-10-291957-12-09Fourth Amendment,murder,privacy
48Rowoldt v. Perfetto5355 U.S. 11519570000-00-001957-12-09Fifth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,immigration,Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization
49Youngdahl v. Rainfair11355 U.S. 13119571957-10-151957-12-099 U.S.C. 1,National Labor Relations Act
50American Trucking Assns., Inc. v. United StatesMC 29130355 U.S. 14119571957-10-231957-12-099 U.S.C. 1,Motor Carrier Act
51Moore v. Michigan42355 U.S. 15519570000-00-001957-12-09Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,murder
52Lee Kum Hoy v. Murff32355 U.S. 16919571957-11-211957-12-09
53Barr v. Matteo409355 U.S. 17119570000-00-001957-12-09absolute immunity,judicial review
54ICC v. Baltimore & Ohio R. Co.355 U.S. 17519570000-00-001957-12-09
55A., T. & S. F. R. CO. v. DIXIE CARRIERS60355 U.S. 17919570000-00-001957-12-09
56MOUNCE v. UNITED STATES542355 U.S. 18019570000-00-001957-12-09
57WORLD INSURANCE CO. v. BETHEA510355 U.S. 18119570000-00-001957-12-09
58CANO v. PENNSYLVANIA538355 U.S. 18219570000-00-001957-12-09
59IN RE RETENELLER546355 U.S. 18319570000-00-001957-12-09
60Green v. United States46355 U.S. 18419571957-04-251957-12-16Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,criminal procedure,Double Jeopardy,Due Process,murder,stare decisis
61McGee v. International Life Ins. Co.50355 U.S. 22019571957-11-201957-12-16Fourteenth Amendment,Constitutional Law,Due Process
62Lambert v. California47355 U.S. 22519571957-04-031957-12-16Eighth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,Due Process,EPA,willfulness
63United States v. Shotwell Mfg. Co.1355 U.S. 23319571957-10-171957-12-16Fifth Amendment,Internal Revenue Code,Self-Incrimination
64United States v. New York, N.H. & Hartford R. Co.45355 U.S. 25319571957-11-201957-12-16
65VIRGINIA v. MARYLAND355 U.S. 26919571957-12-101957-12-16
66RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, INC., v. UNITED STATES557355 U.S. 27019570000-00-001957-12-16
67NELSON v. TENNESSEE56355 U.S. 27119571957-12-121957-12-16
68ROSENGARD v. CITY OF BOSTON566355 U.S. 27219570000-00-001957-12-16
69Heikkinen v. United States89355 U.S. 27319581957-12-101958-01-06immigration,Immigration and Naturalization
70BARTKUS v. ILLINOIS39355 U.S. 28119581957-11-191958-01-06
71LADNER v. UNITED STATES41355 U.S. 28219581957-11-191958-01-06
72SOUTHERN R. CO. v. UNITED STATES558355 U.S. 28319580000-00-001958-01-06
73N. H. LYONS & CO., INC., v. LUBIN614355 U.S. 28419580000-00-001958-01-06
74GROSSMAN v. UNITED STATES578355 U.S. 28519580000-00-001958-01-06
75United States v. Sharpnack35355 U.S. 28619581957-10-291958-01-13Sixth Amendment,Article I,Bankruptcy,Civil Procedure,Federal Tort Claims,murder,Social Security Act
76Chicago, M., St. Paul & Pacific R. Co. v. Illinois355 U.S. 30019581957-11-121958-01-139 U.S.C. 1
77Staub v. City of Baxley48355 U.S. 31319580000-00-001958-01-13First Amendment,4th Amendment,14th Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,28 U.S.C. 1257,National Labor Relations Act,patent,Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act
78Lawn v. United States355 U.S. 33919581957-10-141958-01-13Fifth Amendment,Internal Revenue Code
79REEVES v. ALABAMA66355 U.S. 36819580000-00-001958-01-13
80GORDON v. TEXAS71355 U.S. 36919581958-01-091958-01-13
81SOUTHERN RAILWAY CO. v. UNITED STATES579355 U.S. 37019580000-00-001958-01-13
82ONE, INCORPORATED, v. OLESEN290355 U.S. 37119580000-00-001958-01-13
83SUNSHINE BOOK CO. v. SUMMERFIELD587355 U.S. 37219580000-00-001958-01-13
84Nashville Milk Co. v. Carnation Co.355 U.S. 37319581957-11-211958-01-20Antitrust,Robinson-Patman Act,Sherman Act
85EMRAY REALTY CORP. v. WEAVER631355 U.S. 38219580000-00-000000-00-00Robinson-Patman Act,Sherman Act
86Safeway Stores, Inc. v. Vance69355 U.S. 38919581957-11-211958-01-20Robinson-Patman Act
87CITIES SERVICE v. STATE COMM'N85355 U.S. 39119580000-00-001958-01-20
88ZAVADA v. UNITED STATES65355 U.S. 39219580000-00-001958-01-20ADA
89KARADZOLE v. ARTUKOVIC462355 U.S. 39319580000-00-001958-01-20habeas,habeas corpus
90STRAUSS v. UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK610355 U.S. 39419580000-00-001958-01-20
91EMRAY REALTY CORP. v. WEAVER631355 U.S. 39519580000-00-001958-01-20
92FTC v. Standard Oil Co.24355 U.S. 39619580000-00-001958-01-279 U.S.C. 1,National Labor Relations Act,Robinson-Patman Act
93Moog Industries, Inc. v. FTC355 U.S. 41119581958-01-141958-01-27abuse of discretion,patent,Robinson-Patman Act
94Alleghany Corp. v. Breswick & Co.616355 U.S. 41519580000-00-001958-01-27
95Honeycutt v. Wabash Ry. Co.639355 U.S. 42419580000-00-001958-01-27
96MICHIGAN WIS. CO. v. CORP. COMM'N111, 112 355 U.S. 42519580000-00-001958-01-27
97Kernan v. American Dredging Co.34355 U.S. 42619581957-11-211958-02-03Seventh Amendment
98Labor Board v. Mine Workers64355 U.S. 45319581958-01-061958-02-039 U.S.C. 1,judicial review,National Labor Relations Act,privacy
99AMERICAN AIRLINES v. NORTH AMERICAN55355 U.S. 46519581958-01-301958-02-03
100United States v. City of Detroit26355 U.S. 46619581957-11-141958-03-03Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,sovereign immunity
101United States v. Township of Muskegon26355 U.S. 48419581957-11-141958-03-03
102City of Detroit v. Murray Corp.355 U.S. 48919580000-00-001958-03-03Fourteenth Amendment,immunity from suit,sovereign immunity,Supremacy Clause
103Public Utilities Comm'n of California v. United St23355 U.S. 53419581958-01-071958-03-03abuse of discretion,Supremacy Clause
104Andrew G. Nelson, Inc. v. United States16355 U.S. 55419581957-12-111958-03-03Administrative Procedure,Motor Carrier Act,patent
105Weyerhaeuser S.S. Co. v. Nacirema Operating Co., I75355 U.S. 56319581958-01-061958-03-03
106United States v. Hvass92355 U.S. 57019581958-01-271958-03-03Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,preemption
107Harmon v. Brucker355 U.S. 57919580000-00-001958-03-03Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Administrative Procedure,judicial review
108United States v. R. F. Ball Construction Co., Inc.97355 U.S. 58719581958-01-271958-03-03Civil Procedure,Internal Revenue Code
109United States v. Massei98355 U.S. 59519581958-01-091958-03-03
110Wilson v. Loew's, Inc.33355 U.S. 59719581958-01-081958-03-03Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Equal Protection Clause
111BLACK v. AMEN13355 U.S. 60019580000-00-001958-03-03
112SPEVACK v. STRAUSS641355 U.S. 60119580000-00-001958-03-03
113SEARS v. UNITED STATES626355 U.S. 60219580000-00-001958-03-03
114TEXAS EX REL. PAN AMER. PROD. v. CITY OF TEXAS CIT574355 U.S. 60319580000-00-001958-03-03
115ROEL v. NEW YORK COUNTY LAWYERS ASSOCIATION627355 U.S. 60419580000-00-001958-03-03
116MILLS MILL v. HAWKINS670355 U.S. 60519580000-00-001958-03-03
117THILLENS, INC., v. MOREY696355 U.S. 60619580000-00-001958-03-03
118BENDIX AVIATION CORP. v. INDIANA DEPT. OF STATE RE701355 U.S. 60719580000-00-001958-03-03EPA
119BARNES v. COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM, INC.355 U.S. 60819580000-00-001958-03-03
120STATE OF WISCONSIN v. STATE OF ILLINOIS355 U.S. 94419580000-00-000000-00-00
121U.S. v. STATE OF LOUISIANA355 U.S. 94519580000-00-000000-00-00
122COM. OF VIRGINIA v. STATE OF MARYLAND.355 U.S. 94619580000-00-000000-00-00

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