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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 349
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Granville-Smith v. Granville-Smith261349 U.S. 119551955-02-031955-04-11Fifth Amendment,Tenth Amendment,Article I,Bill of Rights,Due Process,Full Faith and Credit,Full Faith and Credit Clause,judicial review,sovereign immunity
2Norwood v. Kirkpatrick337349 U.S. 2919551955-03-041955-04-11
3Natural Gas Pipeline Co. v. Panoma Corp.349 U.S. 4419550000-00-001955-04-11
4Parissi v. Telechron, Inc.302349 U.S. 4619551955-03-291955-04-11
5Shaughnessy v. Pedreiro374349 U.S. 4819551955-03-311955-04-25Administrative Procedure,habeas,habeas corpus,immigration,Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization,judicial review
6Regan v. New York54349 U.S. 5819551954-11-181955-04-25Fifth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Article I,Bill of Rights,Equal Protection Clause
7Rice v. Sioux City Mem. Park Cemetery, Inc.28349 U.S. 7019550000-00-001955-05-09Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Equal Protection Clause,equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth
8Bell v. United States468349 U.S. 8119551955-04-211955-05-09Eighth Amendment,Mann Act
9Bisso v. Inland Waterways Corp.50349 U.S. 8519551955-02-281955-05-16patent,stare decisis
10Boston Metals Co. v. The Winding Gulf70349 U.S. 12219551955-03-011955-05-16
11United States v. Nielson210349 U.S. 12919551955-03-011955-05-16
12In re Murchison405349 U.S. 13319551955-04-201955-05-16Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
13Society for Savings v. Bowers349 U.S. 14319551955-03-281955-05-16
14Quinn v. United States8349 U.S. 15519550000-00-001955-05-23First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Bill of Rights,privacy,Self-Incrimination,Unions
15Emspak v. United States9349 U.S. 19019550000-00-001955-05-23First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,9 U.S.C. 1,Self-Incrimination,Unions
16Bart v. United States117349 U.S. 21919551955-04-051955-05-23Fifth Amendment,Unions
17United States v. Olympic Radio & Television, Inc.10349 U.S. 23219550000-00-001955-05-23Internal Revenue Code
18Lewyt Corp. v. Commissioner417349 U.S. 23719551955-04-191955-05-23Internal Revenue Code
19Maneja v. Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.14349 U.S. 25419551955-03-301955-05-23Fair Labor Standards Act,FLSA
20Shaughnessy v. Accardi616349 U.S. 28019551955-04-221955-05-23habeas,habeas corpus,immigration
21Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka1349 U.S. 29419550000-00-000000-00-00Fourteenth Amendment,public education,public schools,racial discrimination
22Marcello v. INS145349 U.S. 30219550000-00-001955-05-31Fifth Amendment,Administrative Procedure,Article I,Deportation,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus,immigration,Immigration and Nationality Act,Immigration and Naturalization,property rights
23Lawlor v. National Screen Service Corp.163349 U.S. 32219550000-00-001955-06-06Antitrust,copyright,equitable relief,res judicata
24Peters v. Hobby376349 U.S. 33119551955-04-191955-06-06Fifth Amendment,judicial review,patent
25FCC v. Allentown Broadcasting Corp.451349 U.S. 35819550000-00-001955-06-06Administrative Procedure,Labor Management Relations Act
26Whitehouse v. Illinois Central R. Co.131349 U.S. 36619550000-00-001955-06-06harmless error,preliminary injunction
27Williams v. Georgia412349 U.S. 37519551955-04-181955-06-064th Amendment,14th Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,abuse of discretion,harmless error,jury selection,murder
28Carroll v. Lanza375349 U.S. 40819551955-03-311955-06-06Article I,Full Faith and Credit,Full Faith and Credit Clause
29Mitchell v. C. W. Vollmer & Co., Inc.387349 U.S. 42719551955-03-031955-06-06Fair Labor Standards Act
30FPC v. Oregon367349 U.S. 43519550000-00-001955-06-06abuse of discretion,Commerce Clause,Federalism,Indians,patent,preemption,Supremacy Clause
31Ellis v. Dixon20349 U.S. 45819551954-10-181955-06-06Fourteenth Amendment,Arbitration,EPA,Equal Protection Clause

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