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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 332
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1United States v. Petrillo954332 U.S. 119470000-00-001947-06-23First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Thirteenth Amendment,conditions of employment,Fair Labor Standards Act,National Labor Relations Act
2United States v. California332 U.S. 1919470000-00-001947-06-23Article I,Maritime Jurisdiction,property rights,res judicata
3Adamson v. California102332 U.S. 4619470000-00-001947-06-23First Amendment,Second Amendment,4th Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Seventh Amendment,Eighth Amendment,14th Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Civil Procedure,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus,murder,property rights,racial discrimination,search and seizure,searches and seizures,Self-Incrimination,Unions
4Bartels v. Birmingham332 U.S. 12619471947-04-031947-06-23Social Security Act
5Foster v. Illinois540332 U.S. 13419471947-05-081947-06-23Sixth Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Due Process,murder
6Gayes v. New York405332 U.S. 14519471947-05-021947-06-23Assistance of Counsel,criminal procedure
7Caldarola v. Eckert625332 U.S. 15519470000-00-001947-06-23Fair Labor Standards Act
8Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Phillips385332 U.S. 16819471947-04-091947-06-23
9Sunal v. Large535332 U.S. 17419471947-04-011947-06-23habeas,habeas corpus,judicial review,res judicata
10SEC v. Chenery Corp.5584332 U.S. 19419470000-00-001947-06-23Administrative Procedure,judicial review
11United States v. Yellow Cab Co.1035332 U.S. 21819471947-05-071947-06-23Sherman Act
12United States v. Munsey Trust Co.847332 U.S. 23419471947-05-061947-06-23
13Fahey v. Mallonee687332 U.S. 24519471947-04-301947-06-23Administrative Procedure,Article I,judicial review
14Ex parte Fahey332 U.S. 25819471947-04-301947-06-23
15Fay v. New York332 U.S. 26119471947-04-031947-06-23Seventh Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Bill of Rights,habeas,habeas corpus,judicial review,jury selection,murder
16United States v. Standard Oil Co. of California235332 U.S. 30119470000-00-001947-06-23
17United States v. National Lead Co.91332 U.S. 31919470000-00-001947-06-23abuse of discretion,patent,property rights,Sherman Act
18Rodgers v. United States58332 U.S. 37119471947-10-161947-11-10Internal Revenue Code
19Federal Crop Ins. Corp v. Merrill45332 U.S. 38019471947-10-161947-11-10
20Delgadillo v. Carmichael63332 U.S. 38819471947-10-221947-11-10Deportation,habeas,habeas corpus
21International Salt Co., Inc. v. United States46332 U.S. 39219471947-10-161947-11-10Civil Procedure,patent,Sherman Act
22Priebe & Sons., Inc. v. United States16332 U.S. 40719471947-10-131947-11-17
23Morris v. McComb7332 U.S. 42219471947-10-131947-11-17Fair Labor Standards Act,maximum hours,Motor Carrier Act,Sherman Act
24Cox v. United States332 U.S. 44219470000-00-001947-11-24habeas,habeas corpus,judicial review
25Lillie v. Thompson206332 U.S. 45919470000-00-001947-11-24
26Patton v. Mississippi122332 U.S. 46319470000-00-001947-12-08Fourteenth Amendment,jury selection,murder,racial discrimination
27Silesian-American Corp v. Clark6332 U.S. 46919471947-05-011947-12-08Bankruptcy
28Clark v. Uebersee Finanz-Korporation, A.G.35332 U.S. 48019471947-05-011947-12-08Fifth Amendment
29Williams v. Fanning47332 U.S. 49019471947-10-221947-12-08patent
30Aero Mayflower Transit Co. v. Board of Comm'rs39332 U.S. 49519471947-10-151947-12-08
31Panhandle Pipe Line Co. v. Public Service Comm'n69332 U.S. 50719470000-00-001947-12-15
32Jones v. Liberty Glass Co.71332 U.S. 52419470000-00-001947-12-22Internal Revenue Code
33Kavanagh v. Noble70332 U.S. 53519471947-11-181947-12-22Internal Revenue Code
34Blumenthal v. United States332 U.S. 53919471947-10-231947-12-22harmless error
35Marino v. Ragen93332 U.S. 56119470000-00-001947-12-22Fourteenth Amendment,Due Process,habeas,habeas corpus,murder
36Globe Liquor Co., Inc. v. San Roman205332 U.S. 57119481947-12-171948-01-05Civil Procedure,Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
37Sealfon v. United States174332 U.S. 57519481947-12-111948-01-05res judicata
38United States v. Di Re61332 U.S. 58119481947-10-171948-01-05Fourth Amendment,probable cause,search and seizure,searches and seizures
39Haley v. Ohio51332 U.S. 59619481947-11-171948-01-12Fourteenth Amendment,criminal procedure,Due Process,judicial review,murder,racial discrimination
40Callen v. Pennsylvania R. Co.331332 U.S. 62519481947-12-181948-01-12
41Sipuel v. Board of Regents369332 U.S. 63119480000-00-001948-01-12Fourteenth Amendment
42Oyama v. California44332 U.S. 63319481947-10-221948-01-194th Amendment,14th Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Deportation,immigration,patent,racial discrimination
43United States v. Sullivan121332 U.S. 68919481947-12-091948-01-19
44Von Moltke v. Gillies73332 U.S. 70819481947-11-201948-01-19Fifth Amendment,Sixth Amendment,Bill of Rights,Constitutional Law,Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,habeas,habeas corpus
45Lee v. Mississippi91332 U.S. 74219481947-11-211948-01-19Fourteenth Amendment
46Chase National Bank v. Cheston184-9, In332 U.S. 79319470000-00-001947-10-20Bankruptcy
47United States v. California332 U.S. 80419470000-00-001947-10-27
48CHASE NATIONAL BANK OF CITY OF NEW YORK V. CHESTON178332 U.S. 82619470000-00-000000-00-00
49GATELY V. HARITON488332 U.S. 85519480000-00-000000-00-00

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