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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 296
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1Douglas v. Willcuts1296 U.S. 119351935-10-141935-11-11
2Borax Consolidated, Ltd. v. Los Angeles34296 U.S. 1019351935-10-231935-11-11patent,property rights
3Graham v. White-Phillips Co., Inc.29296 U.S. 2719350000-00-001935-11-11
4Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast R. Co. v. United State9296 U.S. 3319351935-10-151935-11-11
5Helvering v. St. Louis Union Trust Co.25296 U.S. 3919350000-00-001935-11-11
6Becker v. St. Louis Union Trust Co.262296 U.S. 4819350000-00-001935-11-11
7Chandler & Price Co. v. Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc.11296 U.S. 5319350000-00-001935-11-11patent
8Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. v. United States20296 U.S. 6019351935-10-221935-11-11
9Di Giovanni v. Camden Fire Insurance Assn.28296 U.S. 6419351935-10-231935-11-11equitable relief
10Becker Steel Co. of America v. Cummings13296 U.S. 7419351935-10-171935-11-11property rights
11Helvering v. Commissioner10296 U.S. 8519351935-10-151935-11-11Fifth Amendment
12Helvering v. Helmholz14296 U.S. 9319350000-00-001935-11-11Fifth Amendment
13White v. Poor36296 U.S. 9819351935-10-161935-11-11Fifth Amendment
14McFeely v. Commissioner24296 U.S. 10219351935-10-241935-11-11
15Schuylkill Trust Co. v. Pennsylvania3296 U.S. 11319351935-10-141935-11-11
16American Surety Co. v. Westinghouse Elec. Mfg. Co.12296 U.S. 13319351935-10-171935-11-11
17McCandless v. Furlaud26296 U.S. 14019350000-00-001935-11-11res judicata
18Pacific States Box & Basket Co. v. White48296 U.S. 17619351935-10-251935-11-18Fourteenth Amendment,patent,preliminary injunction
19Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. v. United States296 U.S. 18719351935-11-131935-11-25
20United States v. Hastings22296 U.S. 18819351935-11-121935-12-09
21General Utilities & Operating Co. v. Helvering41296 U.S. 20019351935-11-151935-12-09
22Fox Film Corp. v. Muller47296 U.S. 20719351935-11-151935-12-09
23Bingham v. United States83296 U.S. 21119351935-11-221935-12-09
24Industrial Trust Co. v. United States213296 U.S. 22019351935-11-221935-12-09
25Alexander v. Hillman15 and 16296 U.S. 22219350000-00-001935-12-09
26Klamath & Moadoc Tribes of Indians v. United State30296 U.S. 24419351935-11-121935-12-09Indians,judicial review
27Miller v. Irving Trust Co.67296 U.S. 25619350000-00-001935-12-09Bankruptcy
28New Jersey v. New York City296 U.S. 25919350000-00-001935-12-09
29Clyde Mallory Lines v. Alabama43296 U.S. 26119351935-11-151935-12-09
30Milwaukee County v. M. E. White Co.32296 U.S. 26819350000-00-001935-12-09
31Del Vecchio v. Bowers37296 U.S. 28019350000-00-001935-12-09
32United States v. Constantine40296 U.S. 28719351935-11-141935-12-09Tenth Amendment,Eighteenth Amendment
33United States v. Kesterson46296 U.S. 29919350000-00-001935-12-09
34Hulburd v. Commissioner39296 U.S. 30019351935-11-141935-12-09
35Hopkins Federal Savings & Loan Assn. v. Cleary296 U.S. 31519350000-00-001935-12-09Amendment 1,Fifth Amendment,Amendment 10,Tenth Amendment
36Morrissey v. Commissioner17296 U.S. 34419351935-10-181935-12-16Sixteenth Amendment
37Swanson v. Commissioner108296 U.S. 36219350000-00-001935-12-16
38Helvering v. Combs238296 U.S. 36519351935-11-221935-12-16property rights
39Helvering v. Coleman-Gilbert Associates78 and 79296 U.S. 36919351935-11-211935-12-16
40John A. Nelson Co. v. Helvering61296 U.S. 37419350000-00-001935-12-16
41Helvering v. Minnesota Tea Co.174296 U.S. 37819351935-11-191935-12-16
42Helvering v. Watts296 U.S. 38719351935-11-201935-12-16
43G. & K. Manufacturing Co. v. Helvering187296 U.S. 38919351935-11-201935-12-16
44Bus & Transport Securities Corp. v. Helvering490296 U.S. 39119351935-11-201935-12-16
45Hill v. Martin296 U.S. 39319350000-00-001935-12-16Fourteenth Amendment,judicial review,probable cause,res judicata
46Colgate v. Harvey8296 U.S. 40419350000-00-001935-12-16Fourteenth Amendment,equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth
47United States v. Halsey, Stuart & Co., Inc.109296 U.S. 45119351935-12-111935-12-23
48Corporation Commission v. Cary124296 U.S. 45219351935-12-131935-12-23Fourteenth Amendment,judicial review
49Radio Corp. of America v. Raytheon Mfg. Co.127296 U.S. 45919351935-12-111935-12-23
50United States v. Bank of New York & Trust Co.195 and 1296 U.S. 46319361935-12-181936-01-06
51United States Trust Co. v. Commissioner169296 U.S. 48119361935-12-171936-01-06
52Helvering v. McIlvaine566296 U.S. 48819361935-12-171936-01-06
53Legg v. St. John296 U.S. 48919361935-11-181936-02-03Bankruptcy
54Posadas v. National City Bank114296 U.S. 49719360000-00-001936-01-06ADA
55Public Service Comm'n v. Havemeyer115296 U.S. 50619360000-00-001936-01-06Indians,RICO
56Oklahoma v. Barnsdall Refineries, Inc.116296 U.S. 52119360000-00-001936-01-06Indians
57Chapman v. Hoage151296 U.S. 52619360000-00-001936-01-06
58GEORGE ALLISON & CO., INC. v. U.S.531296 U.S. 54619350000-00-001935-11-11
59HELVERING v. SCHWEITZER545296 U.S. 55119350000-00-001935-12-09
60ST LOUIS CAN CO. v. GENERAL AMERICAN LIFE INS CO157296 U.S. 55719350000-00-001935-10-14
61U S v. RIZZO272296 U.S. 55919350000-00-001935-10-14
62TRIPLETT v. LOWELL388296 U.S. 57019350000-00-001935-12-09
63LINDERHOLM v. STATE OF KANSAS128296 U.S. 57219350000-00-001935-10-14
64SPRUILL v. BALLARD317296 U.S. 57519350000-00-001935-10-14
65BUIE v. U S118296 U.S. 58519350000-00-001935-10-14
66PEOPLE OF STATE OF NEW YORK EX REL FEDERAL MOTOR T131296 U.S. 58819350000-00-001935-10-14
67REALTY ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION v. MONTGOMERY152296 U.S. 59019350000-00-001935-10-14
68TAYLOR v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE183296 U.S. 59419350000-00-001935-10-14
69STONE v. WHITE202296 U.S. 59619350000-00-001935-10-14
70AMCHANITZKY v. U S212296 U.S. 59819350000-00-001935-10-14
71STANDARD WHOLESALE PHOSPHATE & ACID WORKS v. GENER264296 U.S. 60619350000-00-001935-10-14
72EVANS v. MISSOURI STATE LIFE INS CO271296 U.S. 60719350000-00-001935-10-14
73O'TOOLE v. STATE OF NEW JERSEY329296 U.S. 61319350000-00-001935-10-14
74NELLIS v. MARYLAND CASUALTY CO342296 U.S. 61519350000-00-001935-10-14
75CONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NAT BANK & TRUST CO. OF CHICA358296 U.S. 61719350000-00-001935-10-14
76BROWN v. GESELLSCHAFT FUR DRAHTLOSE TELEGRAPHIE, M365296 U.S. 61819350000-00-001935-10-14
77COGGIN v. HARTFORD ACCIDENT & INDEMNITY CO.378296 U.S. 62019350000-00-001935-10-14Bankruptcy
78HALL v. UNIVERSAL OIL PRODUCTS CO388296 U.S. 62119350000-00-001935-10-14
79STATE OF MISSOURI EX REL WOODS v. SEVIER416296 U.S. 62619350000-00-001935-10-21
80JACKSONVILLE TERMINAL CO. v. BLACKSHEAR419296 U.S. 62719350000-00-001935-10-21
81WHEELER v. CLARK449296 U.S. 63119350000-00-001935-10-28
82DRAKE v. METROPOLITAN LIFE INS CO459296 U.S. 63219350000-00-001935-10-28
83WASHBURN CROSBY CO. v. NEE514296 U.S. 64119350000-00-001935-11-11
84RICHARDSON v. CHICAGO, R I & G R CO593296 U.S. 64619350000-00-001935-12-09
85SOUTHERN PAC CO. v. WALTON548296 U.S. 64719350000-00-001935-12-09
86ELECTRIC AUTO-LITE CO. v. P & D MFG CO574296 U.S. 64819350000-00-001935-12-09
87BOWERS v. FARMERS' LOAN & TRUST CO510296 U.S. 64919350000-00-001935-12-09
88ANDERSON v. ST. LOUIS COKE & IRON CORPORATION608296 U.S. 65619360000-00-001936-01-06
89ALLEN v. CLOISTERS BLDG CORPORATION617296 U.S. 65719360000-00-001936-01-06
90RAILWAY ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT COMPANY v. OREGON SH631296 U.S. 65819360000-00-001936-01-06

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