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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 283
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1American Fruit Growers, Inc. v. Brogdex Co.283 U.S. 119310000-00-001931-03-02patent
2Milliken v. United States87283 U.S. 1519311931-01-291931-03-02
3McBoyle v. United States552283 U.S. 2519310000-00-001931-03-09murder
4Carbice Corp. v. Patents Development Corp.54283 U.S. 2719310000-00-001931-03-09patent,trademark
5Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. v. United States73283 U.S. 3519310000-00-001931-03-09
6United States v. Munson Steamship Line85283 U.S. 4319311931-03-021931-03-23
7Philippides v. Day92283 U.S. 4819311931-03-021931-03-23habeas,habeas corpus
8United States ex Rel. Cateches v. Day336283 U.S. 5119311931-03-021931-03-23habeas,habeas corpus
9Carr v. Zaja125283 U.S. 5219311931-03-021931-03-23habeas,habeas corpus
10Flynn v. New York, N.H. & H. R. Co.235283 U.S. 5319311931-03-121931-03-23
11Storaasli v. Minnesota393283 U.S. 5719310000-00-001931-03-23Fourteenth Amendment
12United States v. Utah283 U.S. 6419310000-00-001931-04-13Indians
13Herron v. Southern Pacific Company131283 U.S. 9119310000-00-001931-04-13
14Columbus & Greenville Ry. Co. v. Miller195283 U.S. 9619310000-00-001931-04-13Fourteenth Amendment,property rights
15United States v. Wells252283 U.S. 10219311931-03-131931-04-13
16Smith v. Springdale Amusement Park, Ltd.315283 U.S. 12119311931-03-171931-04-13patent
17Hans Rees' Sons, Inc. v. North Carolina334283 U.S. 12319311931-03-181931-04-13Fourteenth Amendment
18Southern Railway Company v. Hussey342283 U.S. 13619310000-00-001931-04-13
19Eckert v. Burnet351283 U.S. 14019311931-03-191931-04-13
20First National Banks of Chicago v. United States124283 U.S. 14219311931-03-041931-04-13
21Burnet v. Whitehouse129283 U.S. 14819311931-03-111931-04-13
22Farbwerke v Chemical Foundation, Inc.19283 U.S. 15219311931-03-061931-04-13copyright,patent,trademark
23Standard Oil Company v. United States378283 U.S. 16319310000-00-001931-04-13copyright,patent,Sherman Act
24Interstate Transit, Inc. v. Lindsey358283 U.S. 18319311931-03-191931-04-13chapter 7
25Buck v. Jewell-LaSalle Realty Co.138 and 1283 U.S. 19119310000-00-001931-04-13copyright
26Jewell-LaSalle Realty Co. v. Buck140283 U.S. 20219310000-00-001931-04-13copyright
27Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. v. Martin155283 U.S. 20919311931-03-041931-04-13
28Burnet v. Houston199283 U.S. 22319311931-03-121931-04-13
29Burnet v. Henry202283 U.S. 22919311931-03-121931-04-13
30Burnet v. Porter203283 U.S. 23019311931-03-121931-04-13
31Klein v. United States387283 U.S. 23119311931-02-271931-04-13
32Standard Oil Co. v. United States384283 U.S. 23519311931-03-201931-04-13
33New York Life Ins. Co. v. Bowers93 and 16283 U.S. 24219310000-00-001931-04-13
34Missouri Pacific R. Co. v. Norwood193283 U.S. 24919310000-00-001931-04-13Fourteenth Amendment
35Bonwit Teller & Co. v. United States282283 U.S. 25819311931-03-161931-04-13
36Pagel v. MacLean176283 U.S. 26619311931-03-051931-04-13
37United States v. Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co.116283 U.S. 26919311931-03-031931-04-13patent
38Maynard v. Elliott239, 240,283 U.S. 27319310000-00-001931-04-13Bankruptcy
39Group No. 1 Oil Corp. v. Bass425283 U.S. 27919311931-02-261931-04-13Indians
40Standard Marine Ins. Co. v. Assur. Co.261283 U.S. 28419310000-00-001931-04-13
41Susquehanna Power Co. v. State Tax Comm'n368283 U.S. 29119310000-00-001931-04-13Fourteenth Amendment,patent
42Susquehanna Power Co. v. State Tax Comm'n283 U.S. 29719311931-03-201931-04-13Fourteenth Amendment
43Burnet v. Thompson Oil & Gas Co.288283 U.S. 30119310000-00-001931-04-13
44Aldridge v. United States683283 U.S. 30819311931-03-161931-04-20abuse of discretion,murder
45Straton v. New137283 U.S. 31819311931-03-031931-04-20Bankruptcy
46State-Planters Bank & Trust Co. v. Parker166283 U.S. 33219311931-03-041931-04-20
47New Jersey v. New York16283 U.S. 33619310000-00-001931-05-04
48Smoot Sand & Gravel Corp. v. Washington Airport, I678283 U.S. 34819311931-04-171931-05-04
49Twin City Pipe Line Co. v. Harding Glass Co.330283 U.S. 35319310000-00-001931-05-04
50Stromberg v. California584283 U.S. 35919311931-04-151931-05-18Fourteenth Amendment
51Graniteville Mfg. Co. v. Query596283 U.S. 37619311931-04-271931-05-18
52Atchison, T. & S.F. Ry. Co. v. Railroad Comm'n470, 471,283 U.S. 38019310000-00-001931-05-18Fourteenth Amendment
53Frank L. Young Co. v. McNeal-Edwards Co.490283 U.S. 39819310000-00-001931-05-18
54Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Powe600283 U.S. 40119311931-05-011931-05-18
55Burnet v. Commissioner521 and 5283 U.S. 40419311931-04-291931-05-18
56United States ex Rel. McLennan v. Wilbur618, 676,283 U.S. 41419310000-00-001931-05-18patent
57Carbice Corp. v. American Patents Dev. Co.54283 U.S. 42019310000-00-001931-05-18patent
58Arizona v. California19283 U.S. 42319310000-00-001931-05-18
59East Ohio Gas Co. v. Tax Commission of Ohio453283 U.S. 46519310000-00-001931-05-18
60New Jersey v. City of New York283 U.S. 47319311931-04-301931-05-18
61Nash-Breyer Motor Co. v. Burnet549283 U.S. 48319311931-04-291931-05-18
62McCaughn v. Hershey Chocolate Co.426 441283 U.S. 48819310000-00-001931-05-18
63Gasoline Products Co., Inc. v. Champlin Refining C362283 U.S. 49419310000-00-001931-05-18Seventh Amendment
64Merchants Warehouse Co. v. United States635-643283 U.S. 50119311931-04-211931-05-18
65Custer v. McCutcheon422283 U.S. 51419311931-04-201931-05-18habeas,habeas corpus
66Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Ry. Co. v543283 U.S. 52019311931-04-291931-05-18
67Baldwin v. Iowa State Traveling Men's Association445283 U.S. 52219311931-04-221931-05-18Fourteenth Amendment,res judicata
68State Board of Tax Commissioners v. Jackson183283 U.S. 52719311931-03-051931-05-18Fourteenth Amendment
69Smith v. Cahoon449283 U.S. 55319311931-04-221931-05-25Fourteenth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus
70Northport Power & Light Co. v. Hartley66283 U.S. 56819311931-01-231931-05-25Fourteenth Amendment
71Indian Motocycle Co. v. United States5283 U.S. 57019311929-04-251931-05-25
72Maas & Waldstein Co. v. United States263283 U.S. 58319310000-00-001931-05-25
73Phillips v. Commissioner455283 U.S. 58919311931-04-231931-05-25Seventh Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,judicial review,property rights
74United States v. Macintosh504283 U.S. 60519311931-04-271931-05-25Fourteenth Amendment
75United States v. Bland505283 U.S. 63619310000-00-001931-05-25
76Fetters v. Cunningham720283 U.S. 63819311931-04-161931-05-25habeas,habeas corpus,probable cause
77FTC v. Raladam Co.484283 U.S. 64319311931-04-241931-05-25ADA,Sherman Act
78Lewis-Simas-Jones Co. v. Southern Pacific Co.520283 U.S. 65419310000-00-001931-05-25
79DeForest Radio Co. v. General Electric Co.630283 U.S. 66419310000-00-001931-05-25patent
80Great Northern Railway Co. v. Delmar Co.563283 U.S. 68619310000-00-001931-05-25
81Choteau v Burnet81283 U.S. 69119310000-00-001931-05-25Indians
82Near v. Minnesota91283 U.S. 69719311931-01-301931-06-01First Amendment,Fourteenth Amendment,Defamation,Freedom of Speech
83United States v. Equitable Trust Co.21283 U.S. 73819310000-00-001931-06-01attorney fees,patent
84Mott v. United States78283 U.S. 74719311930-12-021931-06-01equitable relief,Indians
85Halbert v. United States141-154283 U.S. 75319310000-00-001931-06-01Indians
86Georgia Public Service Commission v. United States555283 U.S. 76519311931-04-301931-06-01
87Alabama v. United States513283 U.S. 77619311931-04-281931-06-01preliminary injunction
88MORSMAN v. BURNET581283 U.S. 78319310000-00-001931-03-02
89MCCORMICK v. BURNET542283 U.S. 78419310000-00-001931-03-02
90STATE OF CONNECTICUT v. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSE283 U.S. 78919310000-00-001931-03-23
91EASTERN TRANSP CO, EX PARTE283 U.S. 79019310000-00-001931-03-23
92STATE OF LOUISIANA v. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI8283 U.S. 79119310000-00-001931-04-13
93FIELD v. POWELL___283 U.S. 79719310000-00-001931-04-27
94U S v. STATE OF UTAH283 U.S. 80119310000-00-001931-05-18
95BRADY v. U S632A283 U.S. 80419310000-00-001931-05-18
96New Jersey v. New York283 U.S. 80519310000-00-001931-05-25
97MADDEN BROS. EX PARTE283 U.S. 80719310000-00-001931-05-25

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