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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 249
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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DISCLAIMER: We make no claims or guaranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. Please note that Official Supreme Court caselaw is found only in the print version of the United States Reports.
1Harriman National Bank v. Seldomridge173249 U.S. 119191919-01-311919-03-03
2Butte & Superior Co. v. Clark-Montana Co.598249 U.S. 1219190000-00-001919-03-03patent
3G. S. Nicholas & Co. v. United States62, 63249 U.S. 3419191919-01-141919-03-03
4Panama R. Co. v. Bosse203249 U.S. 4119190000-00-001919-03-03
5Schenck v. United States437, 438249 U.S. 4719190000-00-001919-03-03First Amendment,Fifth Amendment,Thirteenth Amendment
6Alaska Pacific Fisheries v. Alaska2)249 U.S. 5319190000-00-001919-03-03
7Alaska Salmon Co. v. Alaska151249 U.S. 6219191919-01-201919-03-03
8Withnell v. Ruecking Construction Co.142249 U.S. 6319191919-01-161919-03-03Fourteenth Amendment
9Compania General v. Alhambra Cigar Co.180249 U.S. 7219190000-00-001919-03-03copyright,patent,property rights,trademark
10Whitehead v. Galloway184249 U.S. 7919190000-00-001919-03-03
11United States v. Doremus367249 U.S. 8619190000-00-001919-03-03
12Webb v. United States370249 U.S. 9619191919-01-011919-03-03
13L. A. Westermann Co. v. Dispatch Printing Co.50249 U.S. 10019190000-00-001919-03-03copyright
14Lane v. Pueblo of Santa Rosa197249 U.S. 11019191919-01-291919-03-03Indians
15Ex Parte Whitney Steamboat Corp.249 U.S. 11519191918-12-091919-03-03
16North Pacific Steamship Co. v. Hall Bros Co.53249 U.S. 11919190000-00-001919-03-03Libel
17Werk v. Parker73249 U.S. 13019191918-11-211919-03-03patent
18Arkadelphia Milling Co. v. St. L. S.W. Ry. Co.92 and 93249 U.S. 13419190000-00-001919-03-03Fourteenth Amendment,equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth
19Middleton v. Texas Power & Light Co.102249 U.S. 15219190000-00-001919-03-03Fourteenth Amendment,conditions of employment,patent
20Chicago, Great Western R. Co. v. Basham111249 U.S. 16419190000-00-001919-03-03
21New York Central R. Co v. Porter134249 U.S. 16819190000-00-001919-03-03
22Missouri & Ark. Co. v. Sebastian County149249 U.S. 17019190000-00-001919-03-03Fourteenth Amendment,Contract Clause
23City of Richmond v. Bird195249 U.S. 17419190000-00-001919-03-03Bankruptcy
24Gilcrease v. McCullough167249 U.S. 17819190000-00-001919-03-03
25Sugarman v. United States345249 U.S. 18219191919-01-091919-03-03
26Chicago & E.I. R. Co. v. Collins Produce Co.138249 U.S. 18619190000-00-001919-03-03
27Seufert Brothers Co. v. United States187, 188249 U.S. 19419190000-00-001919-03-03Indians
28Shaffer v. Howard375249 U.S. 20019191918-12-131919-03-10
29New York v. New Jersey3249 U.S. 20219190000-00-001919-03-10
30Frohwerk v. United States685249 U.S. 20419191919-01-271919-03-10First Amendment,murder
31Debs v. United States714249 U.S. 21119190000-00-001919-03-10First Amendment
32Baltimore & Ohio R. Co. v. Leach132249 U.S. 21719190000-00-001919-03-10
33South Dakota v. Collins249 U.S. 22019190000-00-001919-03-17
34Crocker v. Malley649249 U.S. 22319191919-03-061919-03-17probable cause
35Public Utilities Comm'n v. Landon277, 329,249 U.S. 23619191918-11-061919-03-17Fourteenth Amendment
36Gratiot County State Bank v. Johnson148249 U.S. 24619190000-00-001919-03-17Bankruptcy,res judicata
37Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. v. Richmond169249 U.S. 25219191919-01-221919-03-17
38Board of Pub. Util. Comm'rs v. Manila Elec. R. Co.230249 U.S. 26219191919-03-141919-03-24Bill of Rights
39Dominion Hotel, Inc. v. Arizona178249 U.S. 26519190000-00-001919-03-24Fourteenth Amendment
40St. Louis Poster Advertising Co. v. St. Louis220 and 2249 U.S. 26919190000-00-001919-03-24Fourteenth Amendment
41Union Tank Line Co. v. Wright170249 U.S. 27519191919-01-221919-03-24Fourteenth Amendment
42United States v. Brooklyn Eastern Dist. Terminal155249 U.S. 29619191919-01-201919-03-24
43Miller v. McClain19249 U.S. 30819190000-00-001919-03-31patent
44United States v. Purcell Envelope Co.168249 U.S. 31319191919-03-101919-03-31
45O'Pry v. United States216249 U.S. 32319191919-03-121919-03-31
46Lane v. Darlington219249 U.S. 33119191919-03-121919-03-31patent
47Capitol Transportation v. Cambria Steel Co.231249 U.S. 33419190000-00-001919-03-31
48Union Oil Co. of California v. Smith8249 U.S. 33719190000-00-001919-03-31patent
49United States v. Union Pacific R. Co.199249 U.S. 35419191919-01-301919-03-31
50Wise v. Stannard214249 U.S. 36119191919-03-111919-03-31
51Arant v. Lane441249 U.S. 36719190000-00-001919-03-31
52United States v. Gudger408249 U.S. 37319191918-12-111919-04-14
53Matters v. Ryan141249 U.S. 37519190000-00-001919-04-14habeas,habeas corpus,immigration
54Ex Parte Hudgings27249 U.S. 37819191918-12-091919-04-14Fifth Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus
55Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. Co. v. United St158249 U.S. 38519191919-03-261919-04-14
56Standard Oil Co. v. Graves177249 U.S. 38919191919-01-231919-04-14
57McKinley v. United States417249 U.S. 39719190000-00-001919-04-14
58Columbus Railway Co. v. Columbus715249 U.S. 39919191919-01-101919-04-14Fourteenth Amendment
59Burr v. Columbus739249 U.S. 41519191919-01-101919-04-14
60Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Co. v. Ochs159249 U.S. 41619191919-01-201919-04-14Fourteenth Amendment
61Lake Erie & Western R. Co. v. Pub. Util. Comm'n204249 U.S. 42219191919-03-131919-04-14Fourteenth Amendment
62Board of Pub. Util. Comm'rs v. Compania General253249 U.S. 42519190000-00-001919-04-14
63Corn Products Refining Co. v. Eddy119249 U.S. 42719191919-01-141919-04-14Fourteenth Amendment,chapter 11
64United States v. Laughlin200249 U.S. 44019190000-00-001919-04-14
65Citizens Bank of Michigan City v. Opperman234249 U.S. 44819191919-03-171919-04-14
66United States v. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. C201249 U.S. 45119190000-00-001919-04-14
67Barbour v. Georgia191249 U.S. 45419190000-00-001919-04-14Fourteenth Amendment
68J. E. Hathaway & Co. v. United States255249 U.S. 46019190000-00-001919-04-14
69Ex Parte Wagner249 U.S. 46519191919-03-171919-04-14copyright,patent,preliminary injunction
70Southern Pacific Co. v. Arizona238249 U.S. 47219190000-00-001919-04-14
71Houston v. St. Louis Independent Packing Co.264249 U.S. 47919191919-03-201919-04-14abuse of discretion
72Moore v. United States278249 U.S. 48719190000-00-001919-04-14patent
73Hartford Life Ins. Co. v. Johnson291249 U.S. 49019190000-00-001919-04-14
74Brougham v. Blanton Mfg. Co.247249 U.S. 49519191919-03-191919-04-21trademark
75Rand v. United States213249 U.S. 50319190000-00-001919-04-21
76Perley v. North Carolina251249 U.S. 51019190000-00-001919-04-21Fourteenth Amendment
77Gillis v. New York, N.H. & H. R. Co.296249 U.S. 51519190000-00-001919-04-21
78United Railroads v. San Francisco282249 U.S. 51719191919-03-251919-04-21Article I,equitable relief,preliminary injunction,property rights
79Chalker v. Birmingham & Northwestern Ry. Co.283249 U.S. 52219190000-00-001919-04-21
80New Orleans & Northeastern R. Co. v. Scarlet242249 U.S. 52819191919-03-181919-04-21
81Yazoo & Mississippi Valley R. Co. v. Mullins273249 U.S. 53119191919-03-211919-04-21
82Louisville & Jeffersonville Bridge Co. v. United S312249 U.S. 53419191919-03-281919-04-21
83Darling v. City of Newport News600249 U.S. 54019191919-04-151919-04-28Fourteenth Amendment
84Collett v. Adams274249 U.S. 54519190000-00-001919-04-28ADA,Bankruptcy
85Ex Parte Tracy249 U.S. 55119190000-00-001919-04-14habeas,habeas corpus
86Raton Water Works Co. v. Raton348249 U.S. 55219190000-00-001919-05-05
87Beaumont v. Prieto303249 U.S. 55419191919-04-171919-05-05
88Skinner & Eddy Corp. v. United States215249 U.S. 55719191919-03-111919-05-05
89Standard Computing Scale Co., Ltd. v. Farrell228249 U.S. 57119191919-03-141919-05-05property rights
90PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION FOR STATE OF KANSAS v.277249 U.S. 59019190000-00-000000-00-00
91HAYES v. HOCKING VALLEY R. CO.388249 U.S. 59119190000-00-001919-04-28

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