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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 219
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1United States v. Press Publishing Co.541219 U.S. 119111910-10-241911-01-03
2Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Co. v. Philippine Islands64219 U.S. 1719101910-12-061910-12-19
3Title Guaranty & Trust Co. v. Crane Co.67219 U.S. 2419100000-00-001910-12-19
4Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City R. Co. v. Turnipseed59219 U.S. 3519100000-00-001910-12-194th Amendment,14th Amendment
5Herencia v. Guzman46219 U.S. 4419100000-00-001910-12-19
6American Land Co. v. Zeiss___219 U.S. 4719110000-00-001911-01-034th Amendment,14th Amendment,Civil Procedure
7United States v. Barber444219 U.S. 7219110000-00-001911-01-03criminal procedure
8Hendrix v. United States319219 U.S. 7919110000-00-001911-01-03murder
9West Side Belt R. Co. v. Pittsburgh Constr. Co.681219 U.S. 9219110000-00-001911-01-03
10Noble State Bank v. Haskell71219 U.S. 10419110000-00-001911-01-034th Amendment,14th Amendment,Bill of Rights
11Shallenberger v. First State Bank of Holstein445219 U.S. 11419111910-12-081911-01-03
12Assaria State Bank v. Dolley617219 U.S. 12119111910-12-081911-01-03
13Engel v. O'Malley703219 U.S. 12819110000-00-001911-01-034th Amendment,14th Amendment
14Kentucky Union Co. v. Kentucky47219 U.S. 14019110000-00-001911-01-034th Amendment,14th Amendment,patent
15Spokane &c. Ry. Co. v. Wash. & Gt. Nor. Ry. Co.49219 U.S. 16619110000-00-001911-01-03Indians
16Fore River Shipbuilding Co. v. Hagg75219 U.S. 17519110000-00-001911-01-03
17United States v. Grizzard66219 U.S. 18019111910-12-061911-01-03
18Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Riverside Mills219 U.S. 18619110000-00-001911-01-035th Amendment
19Louisville & Nashville R. Co. v. Scott286219 U.S. 20919110000-00-001911-01-03
20Matter of Gregory219 U.S. 21019111910-12-051911-01-035th Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus
21Bailey v. Alabama300219 U.S. 21919110000-00-001911-01-034th Amendment,13th Amendment,14th Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus,murder,patent,racial discrimination
22United States v. Chamberlin77219 U.S. 25019111910-12-161911-01-03
23House v. Mayes597219 U.S. 27019110000-00-001911-01-094th Amendment,14th Amendment,habeas,habeas corpus
24Brodnax v. Missouri598219 U.S. 28519111910-12-141911-01-094th Amendment,14th Amendment
25Reaves v. Ainsworth14219 U.S. 29619110000-00-001911-01-09
26German Alliance Ins. Co. v. Hale56219 U.S. 30719110000-00-001911-01-164th Amendment,14th Amendment
27William M. Bierce, Ltd. v. Waterhouse508219 U.S. 32019111910-12-121911-01-16
28Sexton v. Dreyfus219 U.S. 33919110000-00-001911-01-23Bankruptcy
29Muskrat v. United States219 U.S. 34619020000-00-001902-07-01Indians,patent
30Ex Parte Harding219 U.S. 36319110000-00-001911-02-20abuse of discretion,habeas,habeas corpus,murder,patent
31Weyerhaeuser v. Hoyt24219 U.S. 38019110000-00-001911-02-20patent,preemption
32Campbell v. Weyerhaeuser12219 U.S. 42419110000-00-001911-02-20patent
33Northern Pacific Ry. Co. v. Wass181219 U.S. 42619110000-00-001911-02-20patent
34Southern Pacific Co. v. ICC527219 U.S. 43319111910-12-131911-02-20patent
35Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Co. v. Arkansas50219 U.S. 45319111910-11-111911-02-204th Amendment,14th Amendment
36Louisville & Nashville R. Co. v. Mottley246219 U.S. 46719110000-00-001911-02-205th Amendment
37Chicago, Ind. & Louisville Ry. Co. v. United State74219 U.S. 48619110000-00-001911-02-20
38Southern Pacific Terminal Co. v. ICC459, 460219 U.S. 49819111910-12-091911-02-20
39Merrimack River Savings Bank v. Clay Center604219 U.S. 52719111911-01-261911-02-20
40Roughton v. Knight711219 U.S. 53719110000-00-001911-02-20patent
41Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. Co. v. McGuire62219 U.S. 54919110000-00-001911-02-204th Amendment,14th Amendment,judicial review
42Noble State Bank v. Haskell71219 U.S. 57519110000-00-001911-02-20
43Buck's Stove & Range Co. v. American Federation of190219 U.S. 58119110000-00-001911-02-20

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