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Cases by U.S. Reports Volume Number: 191
#Case NameDocketUS ReportsYearArguedDecidedKeywords
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1The Southwark12191 U.S. 119031903-03-031903-10-19Libel
2The Robert W. Parsons16191 U.S. 1719030000-00-001903-10-264th Amendment,14th Amendment,Civil Procedure,copyright,immigration,patent
3Wright v. Morgan13191 U.S. 5519030000-00-001903-10-26patent
4Ross v. Aguirre19191 U.S. 6019031903-10-141903-11-024th Amendment,14th Amendment,Civil Procedure,habeas,habeas corpus,murder,property rights
5Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf R. Co. v. McDade26191 U.S. 6419030000-00-001903-11-02patent
6Hubbert v. Campbellsville Lumber Co.31191 U.S. 7019031903-10-201903-11-09
7Kinney v. Columbia Savings & Loan Ass'n102191 U.S. 7819030000-00-001903-11-09
8United States v. Denver & Rio Grand R. Co.20191 U.S. 8419031903-10-141903-11-09Indians
9Ex Parte Joins191 U.S. 9319031903-10-191903-11-09Indians,property rights
10EX PARTE BLAKE191 U.S. 10219030000-00-000000-00-00
11Eckington & Soldiers' Home Ry. Co. v. McDevitt9191 U.S. 10319031903-01-211903-11-16
12Holden v. Stratton38191 U.S. 11519030000-00-001903-11-16
13Continental National Bank of Memphis v. Buford60191 U.S. 11919031903-11-061903-11-16
14Howard v. Fleming44, 46191 U.S. 12619031903-10-271903-11-16habeas,habeas corpus
15Smith v. Indiana81191 U.S. 13819030000-00-001903-11-16
16Joplin v. Southwest Missouri Light Co.32191 U.S. 15019031903-10-201903-11-164th Amendment,14th Amendment,preliminary injunction
17St. Louis Hay & Grain Co. v. United States41191 U.S. 15919030000-00-001903-11-16
18Missouri v. Dockery180191 U.S. 16519031903-10-271903-11-164th Amendment,14th Amendment
19Allen v. Pullman's Palace Car Co.27191 U.S. 17119031903-10-161903-11-16
20Defiance Water Co. v. Defiance21191 U.S. 18419031903-04-221903-11-304th Amendment,14th Amendment,preliminary injunction
21Warner v. Searle & Hereth Co.42191 U.S. 19519030000-00-001903-11-30
22Atkin v. Kansas30191 U.S. 20719030000-00-001903-11-304th Amendment,14th Amendment
23Louisville Trust Co. v. Knott389191 U.S. 22519030000-00-001903-11-30equitable relief,patent
24Gertgens v. O'Connor65191 U.S. 23719030000-00-001903-11-30patent,preemption
25Mosheuvel v. District of Columbia6191 U.S. 24719031903-10-131903-11-30
26McLoughlin v. Raphael Tuck Co.73191 U.S. 26719030000-00-001903-11-30copyright
27People's National Bank v. Marye24191 U.S. 27219030000-00-001903-11-30equitable relief,preliminary injunction
28Cable v. United States Life Ins. Co.28191 U.S. 28819030000-00-001903-11-30
29Hibben v. Smith59191 U.S. 31019031903-11-061903-11-304th Amendment,5th Amendment,14th Amendment
30Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf R. Co. v. Tennessee67191 U.S. 32619030000-00-001903-11-30
31Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf R. Co. v. Holloway68191 U.S. 33419030000-00-001903-11-30
32Sharp v. United States208191 U.S. 34119030000-00-001903-11-30
33Owensboro v. Owensboro Waterworks Co.58191 U.S. 35819030000-00-001903-11-304th Amendment,14th Amendment
34Anglo-American Provision Co. v. Davis Provision Co64191 U.S. 37319030000-00-001903-11-30Civil Procedure
35Anglo-American Provision Co. v. Davis Provision Co2191 U.S. 37619031903-11-091903-11-30
36Wisconsin & Michigan Ry. Co. v. Powers77191 U.S. 37919030000-00-001903-11-30
37State Board of Assessors v. Comptoir National D'Es157191 U.S. 38819030000-00-001903-11-304th Amendment,14th Amendment
38Arbuckle v. Blackburn66191 U.S. 40519031903-11-101903-12-074th Amendment,14th Amendment,preliminary injunction
39Guaranty Co. v. Pressed Brick Co.39191 U.S. 41619031903-10-301903-12-07
40French Republic v. Saratoga Vichy Spring Co.53191 U.S. 42719031903-11-041903-12-07patent
41Norfolk & Western Ry. Co. v. Sims74191 U.S. 44119031903-11-121903-12-07
42Schuyler National Bank v. Gadsden50191 U.S. 45119031903-11-031903-12-07
43Baltimore & Potomac R. Co. v. Landrigan71191 U.S. 46119030000-00-001903-12-07
44Pennsylvania R. Co. v. Hughes56191 U.S. 47719031903-11-061903-12-07
45Beasley v. Texas & Pacific Railway Co.79191 U.S. 49219031903-12-031903-12-14
46Deposit Bank v. Frankfort33191 U.S. 49919030000-00-001903-12-14probable cause,res judicata
47Spencer v. Duplan Silk Co.83191 U.S. 52619031903-12-071903-12-21Bankruptcy,copyright,patent
48Toltec Ranch Co. v. Cook48191 U.S. 53219031903-11-031903-12-21patent
49Toltec Ranch Co. v. Babcock49191 U.S. 54219031903-11-031903-12-21patent
50White v. United States75191 U.S. 54519030000-00-001903-12-21
51Northern Securities Co. v. United States277191 U.S. 55519030000-00-001903-11-30
52U S v. PIERSON40191 U.S. 562819030000-00-000000-00-00

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